May Empties


*sigh* Bit late as usual. I hesitated including the stuff from this month (June) into the post and decided to do a separate one, just to see if I’ll manage to add anything with two more weeks to go. Lots of duds in May.

Kose softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil Foam (200ml) – Made in Japan
Previously reviewed here. I wanted to get this one actually:


Read a lot of good reviews on that but didn’t find it in any shops so I bought the foam one to try.
This lasted around 3-4 months, I felt like I’ve used this one up faster than the others even though it has the same amount of product in the bottle.
I didn’t really enjoy using this one because of how it stings the eyes. And just to be clear I didn’t apply it on the eye area when it’s a foam, but waited til it’s turned to an oil before doing so. I had to use a separate eye makeup remover with this product and this defeats the purpose of using an oil cleanser for me.
Repurchase? No.

Lierac Anti-Blemish Mattifying Fluid (50ml) – Made in France
On the label, my notes taken from the leaflet in brackets:
[8.5%] patent-pending SKRL3 (this re-balance, protect and moisturize)
acnacidol BG+systenol A + HA (sebum regulating and limit release of key inflammation mediators)
grafted azelaic acid + zinc (clarifying and limit release of key inflammation mediators)
with marine spring water, for blemish-prone skin, adults.
It’s hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. Instructions are to apply morning and/or night. Promises to ‘rapidly diminish appearance of blemishes and help reduce sebum. Skin is lastingly mattified and ideally moisturized’.

This is part of Lierac’s Prescription range for adults with blemish prone skin. It comes in a dark brown, glass bottle, looking clinical and very no-nonsense, especially with that list of ingredients on the label. It has a pump dispenser that you can screw off to get to the last drop.
I decided to try this range because it targets adults and it also mentioned blemishes caused by hormones (me). Unfortunately this didn’t really do anything. Perhaps I didn’t chose the right product in the range to try? I was hoping that this moisturizer in addition to my other products would keep blemishes at bay before they happen, like a good prevention. But this was lacking in the moisturizing area – it has a thin texture (‘fluid’ as stated) and I may be more satisfied if I were to use it now when the weather is a lot warmer. I also didn’t like the scent – hard to describe what it is but it lingers for a long time and I hated it. Not sure why they would add a scent to a product like this either. It did seem to reduce sebum (slightly) and there’s a little bit of mattifying action for a short time, but otherwise I didn’t see it fulfill any of the claims.
Repurchase? No. I’ve lost the receipt but Lierac isn’t really cheap by drugstore standard even in France.

Shiseido The Skincare Instant Eye and Lip Makeup Remover (30ml) – Made in Japan
This is a sample I received. It’s an oil based duo-layer type of remover you need to shake before use. Nice product that does it job. Typical Shiseido perfume.
I’ve tried the Skincare range eons ago when it first launched and remember liking it. I prefer European skincare brands which seem to agree with my skin more but who knows.. however I will say that the best thing I’ve used from Shiseido is the Future Solution cream. That stuff works.
Repurchase? No, but only because I have other favourites.

Avène Eluage Emulson (30m) – Made in France
With retinaldehyde, the Eluage is Avène’s ‘anti-aging restructuring’ range, for ‘deep wrinkles and loss of firmness’. Ysthéal+ is ‘anti-aging radiance’ targeting ‘first wrinkles and lines, loss of radiance’. I had a hard time telling the difference at the pharmacy until I read the accompanying leaflet with my purchased product.
Continuing my search for a retinol product and having used La Roche-Posay’s Redermic+ last time, I gave in to my curiosity and bought this because it seems to be the another popular alternative. This is for normal/combination skin and it promises to ‘firm, smooth and matify’. It has a floral scent and a cream texture but the cream is apricot in colour. I’m sure they gave a reason behind this tint but I can’t remember what that was. As usual with retinol products you’re only supposed to use this in the evening.
Well it didn’t do much for me and I didn’t notice any changes/improvements as I did with Redermic. Another thing is you can’t see how much product is left nor can you unscrew the pump. 30ml isn’t a lot of product (moisturizers are usually 40ml at least I’ve found) so this makes it more expensive as well. It does a fair job in moisturizing, but I needed at least 2-3 pumps to cover the face/neck area. I had high hopes for this – everyone seems to love it but unfortunately it didn’t work for me.
Repurchase? No.

Givenchy Noir Culture Mascara (8g) in Black Satin (#1) – Made in France
Finally something I can rave about! For some unknown reason I’ve never been too interested in Givenchy. The reason I got this mascara was because of this set:


The truth was I was reading a lot about their lipsticks and I wanted to give it a go. Saw this set and thought it’s perfect cos I get to try a mascara. Well as it turns out, both of them wowed me but in particular the mascara. I’ve known the existence of this mascara and always thought it’s an expensive version of the somewhat gimmicky but also wildly popular Fairy Drops which I never bothered to try. Here’s a closer look at the Givenchy brush (looks to be rounder than Fairy Drops?):


You might not be able to tell but it seems to have a mild spiral action going on from the middle ball to the last one. Not sure if this is intentional. This mascara rivals my favourite Armani Eyes to Kill, it lengthens and gives volume to my sparse, wimpy lashes and it doesn’t clump. Most impressive of all – and I attribute the peculiar brush shape to this – it gives an illusion of layers / dimension. It’s like some of the lashes stay in the back and others are placed more in the front. Now maybe all mascaras do that but I’ve never noticed it until now, or seen it exemplified like so. Remember I have teeny little lashes.

The only thing to mention if I have to find a fault is that while it looks luxe, the packaging is quite big, heavy and cumbersome. Also like all mascaras other than Japanese formulas, it doesn’t hold my curl. But impressive nonetheless.
Repurchase? Yes. It’s not cheap, but at 32.10 euros vs Armani’s 32.50, I think I’ll go with Givenchy. Plus they often have it in a set (unlike Armani). On at the moment you get an eye makeup remover + eyeliner with the mascara for the same price. I hear the waterproof version is even better (holds curl) and the new one is not half bad either.



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