MAC Alluring Aquatic 2014 – Aphrodite’s Shell

image from the Uffizi website

image from the Uffizi website

Is that what MAC had in mind when they chose the name Aphrodite’s Shell? Arguably you can find every shade released for the Alluring Aquatic collection in all their nuances in that one painting. But we’re venturing too far I suppose. This post is about the Extra Dimension bronzer I picked up, called Aphrodite’s Shell.


The colours as accurate as I could tweak it

Aphrodite’s Shell is described as a ‘golden bronze with a touch of fine shimmer‘, while the formula is described as:

A liquid-powder bronzer with prismatic reflections. Highlights the face in the golden bronze shimmer of Aphrodite’s Shell and soft tan of Delphic. The cool, creamy near-fluid formula creates a luminous, well-defined finish. Wears ten hours.

Some people mention it almost feels like a liquid in the pan and goes on powder etc. I don’t share the same experience so I can’t agree. For me it’s a soft, finely milled, pressed powder bronzer with very good colour payoff. It’s not like those powders/bronzers with a hard surface you need to work through (or have to live with forever). It doesn’t get powdery nor make you look that way.

The shimmer is very fine, in the pan it’s a lot more visible under artificial light than natural light. On the face it’s barely noticeable, but you’ll find evenly dispersed miniscule flecks of shimmer here and there. So you catch just a twinkle of shimmer from time to time depending on the angle of the light that hits your face. I thought I would only go for matte bronzers (kind of missing in my collection) but I have to admit it’s really quite flattering. The following photo shows the pan under artificial light (yellow). Bear in mind that the colour is completely off – I just want to show the shimmer:



IMHO this bronzer is best suited for fair skinned ladies, and probably even the fairest ones. The shade isn’t orange at all, more like a pink-based beige, something that would lightly warm up the complexion. The degree of course depends on your skin tone. I don’t think I can go overboard with this bronzer, it’s quite fool-proof for me. I’m not an expert in MAC foundation shades so I can’t ref with those, but:

– If you’re almost a medium but not quite, leaning on the fair end of the spectrum, this will show up and look beautiful on you
– If you are medium but are looking for a bronzer to use in winter, this should work beautifully.

However if you’re medium and onwards or anticipate getting darker during summer and want a bronzer to enhance that tan, then you will be happier with Delphic.

What’s Delphic you’re asking? WELL …

There are four bronzers in this collection. Two Extra Dimension (Aphrodite’s Shell & Delphic) and two regular bronzing powders in Refined Golden and Golden. The latter two are part of four different permanent bronzer shades you can buy throughout the year in regular MAC packaging. But MAC likes to promote these two shades in special LE Summer packaging every year it seems. This year the cases come with a mirror so the whole lid is that reflective aquatic dark teal with faux water droplets which look quite cool and is very well done. However, I will repeat here what I mentioned in the eye shadows post – the cases are fingerprint magnets for me.

To be honest I almost got Delphic as well but managed to be sensible. I went for Aphrodite’s Shell because I reckon it’s harder to find a light bronzer than a deeper one. Plus the pink will make it easier to wear. I tried wearing this as a blush too and it looks completely natural.

I’ll do a post comparing this with all my bronzers. I don’t have that many, maybe four more that’s all. [ETA: click here for the swatches]

*Boooo, I only just noticed the proper name of this collection is Alluring Aquatic (updates are made to correct the mistakes on this blog).


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