MAC Alluring Aquatic 2014 – eyeshadow swatches

It’s a rare sight, MAC launching a collection elsewhere in the world before the USA. I actually quite like the fact we get pretty much everything later (not just MAC) because usually by the launch there would be swatches and comments on the internet  that allow me to make educated purchases, and more importantly, to kill lemmings. With Alluring Aquatic I felt a little rushed. And rather than checking out the products in the store first (which I could easily if I wanted to) I decided to do it on the internet sight-unseen because I was lazy. 😐

Here’s what I got:



I received these yesterday and knowing the interest this collection generated I really want to give something back and post up some swatches of the products I have in case it helps someone. This post will only feature the eye shadows and I’ll only talk about the colours and not how they perform. I know from personal experience that the swatches varies a lot from photo to photo out there so I really tried to adjust the colours for once in my photos so that they resemble as close as possible to what I see in real life. However, as we all know screens are different so what I see may not be what you see.

[ETA: Click here to read about Aphrodite’s Shell]

I placed my order before I saw the swatches on Temptalia, which are mostly accurate. I decided from the get-go that I’ll get the eye shadows as they were the standouts for me even only judging from the press photos. I knew I won’t be getting any of the lip products – I’m simply not a fan of MAC lippies. I have quite a few, some LE but I just never reach for them. Plus I don’t like the scent. I also decided I won’t get the blushes – I’ve got enough blushes as it is and it will take a really special blush (or one that I’ve stubbornly wanted for eons) to make me buy a new one.

Swatches (applied as is with no primer with fingers, normal pressure):


Top to bottom: Sea Worship, Fathoms Deep, Legendary Lure & Silver Sun


Another pic with different lighting:



The MAC descriptions for these shades can be quite off so I’ll comment on those where fitting. On the France MAC website, Lorelei was already sold out and Soul Serenade had a ‘coming soon’ so I had four out of six to choose from, and I ended up with all of them. I noticed that except for Sea Worship, they all have a layer of very fine silver shimmer in them. This is most noticeable in the darker shades, Fathoms Deep and Legendary Lure. All of them have a light-reflecting metallic sheen. They are very soft to the touch. These are my first experience with the Extra Dimension formula so I don’t know how they compare to the old ones.

Sea Worship – described as Tarnished Olive, the second photo is more accurate. I don’t get the same warmth I see on Temptalia’s website. I would say this is a dirty khaki(the beige-y kind)/gold. I like these kind of colours but you can probably find a dupe for it.

Fathoms Deep – described as Deep Blue, the first photo is a better representation of its vividness. I don’t know what MAC was smoking but this is a purple. A saturated cool, blue-toned purple. It seems to have a greyish tinge depending on how the light hits it. This is/will be a very popular shade. It’s now sold out on the France website.

Legendary Lure – described as Deep Cerulean, go with the first photo. I’ll be honest – I had no idea what cerulean looks like. So I did a search and the colour I see is on another planet of what I imagined a ‘deep cerulean’ to look like. This is a mid to deep pewter in all its intensity. Temptalia mentioned forest green, and yes I suppose I can see the green in it in the pan (and the second photo above) but it doesn’t jump at me when I look at my swatch. It’s really a metallic, smokey grey, green tinged if I have to. Karen’s blog has a good swatch. This shade didn’t get a lot of love when I was doing my research but there are a lot more photos of it now (PR chose this to give as a sample I s’pose). But it really is a lovely colour if you’re into darker shades and smokey eyes.

Silver Sun – finally a shade accurately described by MAC as a Mid-tone dirty seafoam green. It’s exactly that. Keyword is dirty, and there’s more silver than green. This is the sheerest of the bunch.

It’s crazy how different all the swatches are on the internet, including mine. And I know my photos are not perfect but I really want to put this up as fast as I could for once, when it’s still relevant! It appears that skin tone can play up the different nuances. I’m quite fair at the moment. The latest foundation match I got was from Lunasol this past January (I’m matched to OC02 for those curious) but since that’s not a widely available brand I’d say I use the second lightest shade in a foundation range, with yellow undertones.

Other random thoughts: I really like the look of Lorelei but it’s also one that I feel can be duped easily, especially with the ongoing orange trend + summer coming = variations of golden corals/peaches. It also reminds me of this eye shadow I have:


This is KIKO’s Water Eyeshadow in 218 Grapefruit Pink. This is quite an accurate photo, in real life the gold is more pronounced. It swatches to a nice soft coral with a golden sheen, but looks a little too coral compared to Lorelei (from what I see in photos). When compared to the Extra Dimensions however, the KIKO lacks that wet-looking kind of reflective ….. sheen (I need a thesaurus) and it’s not as intense as the MAC in colour, or at least not this particular shade anyway. There’s no doubt that the MAC is superior in terms of quality, but then again it’s not the same price. KIKO is 8.90 euros and MAC is around 2.5 times the price.

These MAC shadows are made in Italy with 1.3g of product.

Oh I haven’t mentioned the packaging have I? It wasn’t a factor for me at all but I know people are tempted to get stuff from this collection just for the packaging.  Yes it’s cute and the placement of droplets seem to be completely random and look very cool. I was (still am) impressed by how it looks but the cases are fingerprint magnets (I hate to imagine how the bronzers will look), plus the novelty wears off very quickly.

And finally, if you want to get the bare minimum from this collection (talking only about eye shadows) so you can start saving for the Simpsons or the Osbournes, I’d try to pick one dark shade and one light. Decide which of the tones are more flattering on you or what you lack in your collection. Purple, black-grey or brown for the darks; peach, green or olive/khaki for the lights. Failing that, I’d say you can’t go wrong with Fathoms Deep.



  1. The colors you chose are stunning! I especially love Sea Worship and Legendary Lure.
    (p.s. I don’t know if anyone has pointed this out to you, but the under bar of your blog title has a misspelling in it – ramblings. just wanted to let you know as I love your post!) xox Lauren

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