Month: May 2014

April Empties

Look what I found in my drafts… I thought this has been posted. Guess not.aprempt

Sorry pics are a little dark. These are my empties for April and a glimpse into what was my skincare routine. Well as far as cleansers were concerned anyway. I’m back to using La Roche-Posay Toleriane as my cleanser and my skin seems to like it better. I should do a skin care post one of these days …

POD Liquid Detox (150ml) – Made in Australia
From the POD website:

Uses a breakthrough triple enzyme derived from papaya
Gently breaks down dead skin cells without interfering with live skin cells
Accelerates skin renewal for a younger looking complexion
Helps dramatically reduce blackheads, blemishes, hormonal bumps, and sun-damage
No sulfates means this foaming cleanser won’t dry and strip the skin or leave a greasy residue
Gentle enough to use daily

From the box:

A 3-in-1 treatment that cleanses, tones and exfoliates the skin. Dramatically reduces blackheads, blemishes and sun damage, achieving an even skin tone.

First of all, POD has folded and no longer exists. I happened to read about this product on a blog, popped over to the website to have a look-see and saw they’re closing down and was selling everything at crazy low prices. This had a RRP of AUD$60. I think I paid like AUD$7.5 per bottle *ahem* I bought 4 bottles. Crazy when you consider that I never tried it before but my reasoning was my no-frills cleanser costs the same if not more so I really have nothing to lose. So what do I think? (more…)

Aphrodite’s Shell vs Other Bronzers … or just some swatches of my bronzers


1. Stephane Marais bronzer #1 – I shouldn’t have included this one in hindsight because the brand doesn’t exist anymore. But this was my first bronzer and very dear to my heart. The Stephane Marais brand was so ahead of its time.
2. MAC Aphrodite’s Shell from Alluring Aquatic
3. Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons in 01 Blondes – this was before Guerlain revamped their Terracotta line. This shade is the new 04 Blondes. From looking at the pictures 02 Brunettes in the new line would probably be a better match for me.
4. Dior Nude Tan Healthy Glow in 002 Sunlight.
5. Caudalie Teint Divin (one shade only)
6. Bourjois Delice de Soleil in 12 for Fair/Medium Skin



Different lighting:


1. Stephane Marais
2. Guerlain  – top quad on the right only
3. MAC
4. Dior – swirled all quads
5. Caudalie
6. Bourjois

1-4 are the lighter bronzers and among them MAC has the least amount of orange/pink.  If you have the Dior, using only the ‘D’ and the ‘U’ you can get something really close to Aphrodite’s Shell.

The Guerlain will give you the most options as all 4 of the quads have different intensity. If you’re fair now but are counting on getting some colour during summer then this will be a good option. You can however, probably get 2 separate bronzers for the price of this.

I didn’t bother swatching my Chanel Tan de Soleil (not the paste but the powder from Summer 2012, Sable Beige) but let me know if you would like to see a comparison.

Btw I used Aphrodite’s Shell the other day and I didn’t notice any of the shimmer flecks. So who knows really?

MAC Alluring Aquatic 2014 – Aphrodite’s Shell

image from the Uffizi website

image from the Uffizi website

Is that what MAC had in mind when they chose the name Aphrodite’s Shell? Arguably you can find every shade released for the Alluring Aquatic collection in all their nuances in that one painting. But we’re venturing too far I suppose. This post is about the Extra Dimension bronzer I picked up, called Aphrodite’s Shell.


The colours as accurate as I could tweak it

Aphrodite’s Shell is described as a ‘golden bronze with a touch of fine shimmer‘, while the formula is described as:

A liquid-powder bronzer with prismatic reflections. Highlights the face in the golden bronze shimmer of Aphrodite’s Shell and soft tan of Delphic. The cool, creamy near-fluid formula creates a luminous, well-defined finish. Wears ten hours.

Some people mention it almost feels like a liquid in the pan and goes on powder etc. I don’t share the same experience so I can’t agree. For me it’s a soft, finely milled, pressed powder bronzer with very good colour payoff. It’s not like those powders/bronzers with a hard surface you need to work through (or have to live with forever). It doesn’t get powdery nor make you look that way. (more…)

MAC Alluring Aquatic 2014 – eyeshadow swatches

It’s a rare sight, MAC launching a collection elsewhere in the world before the USA. I actually quite like the fact we get pretty much everything later (not just MAC) because usually by the launch there would be swatches and comments on the internet  that allow me to make educated purchases, and more importantly, to kill lemmings. With Alluring Aquatic I felt a little rushed. And rather than checking out the products in the store first (which I could easily if I wanted to) I decided to do it on the internet sight-unseen because I was lazy. 😐

Here’s what I got:



I received these yesterday and knowing the interest this collection generated I really want to give something back and post up some swatches of the products I have in case it helps someone. This post will only feature the eye shadows and I’ll only talk about the colours and not how they perform. I know from personal experience that the swatches varies a lot from photo to photo out there so I really tried to adjust the colours for once in my photos so that they resemble as close as possible to what I see in real life. However, as we all know screens are different so what I see may not be what you see.

[ETA: Click here to read about Aphrodite’s Shell] (more…)

Cleansing Oils

As promised, here is the long-awaited cleansing oils post!

The first cleansing oil I ever tried was more than ten years ago (*gasp*) from shu uemura. Back in thooose days they only made one and it was the original and I liked it. However while I was interested in makeup back then I more perhaps more a collector as I was still in my shell and not that comfortable in expressing myself makeup wise especially when people around me are usually makeup free or went for the really subtle look. Most of what I bought all looked untouched and were very pristine. Ahhh if only I held onto those products … [help I’m being sucked down the memory lane via the road called ‘Regret’!] All those ME shadows, blushes, my Feu d’Issey perfume, my McQueen Kingdom fragrance …

What I want to say is I liked the oil but I never had a full face of makeup to really test its performance. Then I remember trying the new release pink sakura cleansing oil and it broke me out. And since then I’ve moved on and stayed away from cleansing oils.

Come to think of it I actually used a lot of shu uemura skincare at the time. Like the whole set from cleansing to serums and creams and sheet masks. It’s been a long time since I looked at their skincare and it seems they have completely changed their range. I remember when they first launched all those depsea water sprays too …

I found this on the shu uemura website:

shu oils

I remember using bottles of the 1996 packaging for my cleanser and toner. That just means pre 2002 you know.

I gave oils another chance when I got a gift with purchase oil from Sofina. And then I came across the DHC oil at a Monoprix (too bad it wasn’t my local one). Then I got the L’Oreal oil. And then I bought the foam oil from Softymo. I actually wanted the regular one but only found the foam version at the shops I went to in HK. And when that is gone I’ll use the Fancl – I’m really looking forward to using that! [ETA: the review for Fancl is here]


Here’s a quick summary:

The contenders:
1. Sofina jenne
2. DHC
3. L’Oreal Eclat Sublime
4. Kose Softymo Speedy Bubble Cleansing Oil (more…)