November Empties


La Roche-Posay TolerianeMade in France
Yup, another tube of these. I dreaded going to City Pharma because of the volume of people and the queues and all that so I would stockpile (reasonably) whenever I went there. So I’ve actually been tapping into that stash the past couple of months. Now that I work around the corner I’ve stopped buying backups and really, the waiting has improved a lot after they added more tills and cashiers. I even go there during my lunch break and usually have a maximum of two people in front of me to pay. This is the last tube of Toleriane you will see for a while. I’m trying a new moisturiser also from La Roche-Posay at the moment.

Repurchase? I will always come back to this no-frills cream.

Melvita Shampoo for frequent wash (200ml) – Made in France
This is one of the first products I’ve tried from Melvita. It is probably the best sulfate-free and organic shampoo I’ve used. I should add that I’m not a fanatic with organic beauty products and I’m really not picky with shampoos either. I’ve tried a few organic and sulfate-free ones in the past and my main beef with these type of shampoos is the lack of lather (sulfates). The worst for me was one from Bioderma, it was in a green bottle and almost as runny as water. I don’t need huge foam but I do appreciate some sort of lather without having to use an outrageous amount of product. And on that end Melvita delivers. This shampoo is runnier than the regular sulfate ones but it still has some ‘body’ to it. It contains honey, arnica, lemon myrtle and grapefruit and it smells like honeyed grapefruit. This is an ECOCERT product, meaning 99.42% of the total ingredients are from natural origin. Looking at the list it also has lavendar water (high on the list) lactic acid and various gums.

Repurchase? Yes, I think I will get the bigger size.

Melvita Conditioner for normal hair (200ml) – Made in France
A literal translation of the French name for this is detangling balm. This conditioner has honey, eucalyptus and lemon myrtle. The smell is a mix of lemon and eucalyptus, a herbally fresh scent. Melvita doesn’t seem to have a dedicated conditioner to go with the frequent wash shampoo and this is the one I was recommended to get. On the ingredients lists are many different kinds of oils including macadamia ternifolia seed, pumpkin seed, sweet almond, soybean, lemon peel etc. I’m quite happy with this conditioner.

Repurchase? Yes.

Sofina jenne Makeup Cleansing Liquid (200ml) – Made in Japan
This is an oil makeup remover from Sofina’s jenne range, which targets women in their early 20s I believe. This was GWP when I bought their foundation and primer. It’s a clear liquid that’s heavily scented but it does a great job in removing everything. It does however sting my eyes if I try to work the liner and mascara off.

Repurchase? Nope. Even though I was impressed with its cleansing power I could do without the scent and the stinging part.

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua (30ml) – Made in France
Ok I didn’t really finish this but I got it when it first came out like 2 years ago, and I’m only halfway through and I know I won’t be reaching for it because it’s not my favourite foundation to use and the shade I got isn’t really that great a match. So even though I can probably keep it for another two years (because of the alcohol content etc, ha-ha) I’ve made the decision to say goodbye to this. I’m going to start paring down my stash for the new year.

Anyway. I liked the packaging, sure it’s not luxe but it’s practical and easy to travel with. I also liked how light it was and the natural looking finish it gives. For something so light, I think the coverage you get is quite decent: it will even out your skintone and mild redness, but it won’t cover pigmentation or scars. But while the finish was beautiful initially, it never fails to make me look like a greaseball within an hour or two of application, even with powdering. I don’t know if I was getting greasy because of how dry it made my skin feel (thus the grease to counteract) or some other reason. I have combination skin in summer and normal in winter, FWIW. The perfume doesn’t bother me too much and it doesn’t irritate me, but I wouldn’t mind a lighter scent. Honestly though, the scent is part of the deal with high-end foundations. It would be something if the Chanels/Guerlains come out with a scentless one.

I didn’t want to lump the lack of a match up there because this is more of an individual problem I felt and lots of people have a perfect shade match. I was matched to B30 Beige/Sable. For reference I wear C3 in MAC Face and Body (I feel like I can go half a shade lighter now if I wish) but the Bourjois Healthy Mix in 53 is still a good match. Despite it being a B and not a BR I always feel that it’s still a little pink on my yellow-toned skin, I just never got that seamless, perfect look. I have more luck with Japanese brands for foundation match.

So that’s my 2 cents. If you’re interested in this type of water-based, light foundation I would recommend having a look at Estee Lauder’s version (alcohol-free, I might add!) which tempted me when it was released.

Repurchase? Haha.

Lancôme Hypnôse Mascara (sample)
I think this was part of the welcome gift to the club or maybe it was a GWP back in summer I can’t remember. But it’s the first Lancôme mascara I’ve tried despite having read so much about them in the past and well, count me in as a fan. Really impressed with this, it’s cheaper than my HG Eyes to Kill plus the Man actually noticed and asked a question about my lashes – on two separate occasions. I do prefer these kind of bristles, not the newer silicone ones. Another good thing about this is they always seem to have a set with the Bi-Facil on sale, sometimes even with a kohl liner thrown in for the price of the mascara alone.

Random thought: Companies should sell sets of 3 sample sized mascara for the price of a full tube. They’re easier to carry and I have a better chance of finishing one before it dries out or me having to throw it out for sanitary reasons.

Repurchase? As soon as I finish my unopened mascara stash.

ettusais Bi*TA*BA volume mascara
This was reviewed here. Another mascara the Man ‘approved’. This is a PITA to take off but it’s indestructable. I’m also partial to comb-style wands. It’s may not the best comb I’ve used (I preferred the combs of  older generations of BI*TA*BA for example) but it’s really not bad.

Repurchase? Yes, but this is hard to get outside of Asia.


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