Beauty Counters Hit and Run

Beauty Counters Hit and Run

I haven’t written a ‘Hit and Run’ post in a long time. My last one was likely to be at a similar time last year, commenting on the holiday collections as well. I’m pretty much immune this year, with a few exceptions of course. Some observations and standouts:

  • Orange and Fuschia are the shades this season, they are everywhere: the Armani neons, NARS’ Coeur Battant, Guerlain’s lipsticks just for starters.
  • NARS/Guy Bourdin: This is a very well done collection, perhaps the best across all the brands in my opinion. You have of course the core limited edition items of superb quality (Cinematic formula), the gift-sets (if you can still find them, especially the big lips case) are a wonderful deal and make great gifts – I would spring for the lip pencils personally since I find the eyeliners too soft to work with. Coeur Battant is crazy pigmented – I gently placed my finger on it without swiping and just lifted it up as is and my finger was saturated with the deep fuschia colour. Very strong holiday collection, without even counting the palettes.
  • Laura Mercier: For me it’s the mini gift sets and not the palettes since I have to deal with the crazy markup and these are such a good deal. Among them all the bold brights mini lip glacé set is beckoning me. Not sure about the palest pink but I’m willing to give it a try. The nudes are nice but I imagine for a couple of them you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart once on the lips; And if they put another shade instead of the Rose Gold in the caviar stick set it would tempt me a lot more.

Laura Mercier Mini Lip Glacé set (taken from official website)

  • shu uemura: last year was Karl Lagerfeld, this year it’s Murakami. The packaging doesn’t suck me in but I did like the tubes of lip and cheek tints – super pigmented and a tiny bit goes a long way. Probably has a fair bit of silicones though and they can feel drying on the lips if you don’t condition them before. My shades to get would be Dream Pink and Magical Red as they are the ones that work best both on the cheeks and lips. The fuschia and coral are really bright. shu has  -25% offer until 20th November on its US website I think. I know I’ll never finish one and since I’m paying double here (they are 28 euros each) and this VIP sale is not available on these shores I’ll be reasonable and not get them.
  • Guerlain: At first glace I thought the whole packaging is tacky. Reminds me of Crazy Horse (and consequently Pigalle) with the neons and brights. Then I looked closer at the product and like the meteorite compact more and more. The eyeshadow palette is also looking a lot more interesting and for some reason I really like that pink in there.
  • If you missed out on the Kate Winslet red lippie from the Golden Hat collection a couple of years ago they are re-releasing it this year. Same number #132 and name Caprice. I have swatched it in my red lippies post. Otherwise their main Holiday collection is very sparkly.

These are the standouts for me. Nothing from Chanel (the LE blush Accent I found too sparkly and shimmery), likewise for Dior and YSL. We don’t get Hourglass here and I’m not a fan of Urban Decay. Clarins has a nice neutral palette but the box looks a little clunky. The only thing I want to look at from Bobbi Brown is the Hollywood red lipstick but I have enough reds. Hmmm… I’m sure I’m missing something but oh well. It’s already the end of November is what I’m thinking and I hope to post again before the month is out 🙂


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