Project 2 x 5 Pan Update #4


I’ve finally hit pan!! Yes!! I accomplished this back in July actually, just before going away on a weekend. I know documented this with glee when it happened but I couldn’t for the life of me find that first picture. Anyway, the product I’ve finally hit pan on is the Sofina powder foundation, which was reviewed in depth/death here. It’s a good foundation that performs particularly well in summer. I’m still hoping I can hit pan on one of the blushes by the end of the year (it will be either the NARS or the Chanel) but they are just so resistant. Here are the most used products from where I left off last, meaning you get July to September! I’ll do October and November together.


Sofina Primavista – PAN!!

Sofina Primavista Multicover Base
This really helps on those hot summer days.

Clarins Instant Light Complexion Perfector
Also used in June.

Clinique AIrbrush Concealer in 04 Neutral Fair
This was something I bought just before the ‘no buy’ (ha-ha) that I finally opened and used when I binned the Cargo. I thought it has visible shimmer but it actually doesn’t, and just brightens the undereye area. I really like this product.

KIKO Perfect Eyes Duo Highlighter Pencil
Great nifty product – on one end a matte beige shade to highlight just underneath the arch of the brows and the other, a shimmery champagne to highlight the inner corners of the eyes. I know I’m on no-buy but this is a really good idea and it’s cheap and I can’t resist.

SANA Superquick Gel Pencilliner in EX Real Black
This is when I opened my backup and pretty much started using it every single day.

Clinique Cream Shaper in Egyptian
Still going strong.

I’ve forgotten this category in the last couple of months but they would have been the Armani anyway.

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Excess in black
I’ve said it before – I prefer the normal version.

Lancome Hypnose Volume in Noir hypnotic (Sample)
I got this in a GWP when I bought the summer products (the Emma Watson campaign). I haven’t tried Lancome’s mascara before believe it or not but now you can count me as a fan of the Hypnose. I have since received a full-sized product from Lancome as part of their fidelity programme (welcome gift). I like mascaras with this kind of brushes. The Hypnose brush is a good size. Also one of the mascaras the Guy has commented on. As in ‘What did you do to your lashes today they look longer?’

Eyeshadow base
Wet n Wild Color Icon in Brulee (251A)
Daily routine product.

My other daily staple is a Bobbi Brown eyeshadow that I used as powder and I don’t document it because it’s not something I rotate. However this month I got something new to complement that and it’s:

KIKO Eyebrow Wax Fixing Pencil
To help groom the brows and hopefully extend the wear of the brow powder.

Chanel Tweed in Sienna


August was the same except I swapped out the primer since it wasn’t as hot as July and my hormonal acne started flaring up and so I used:


Vichy Dermablend in 25 Nude

This is a high coverage foundation. It’s full name is ‘Fluid Correction Foundation 16HR’. I use this as a concealer (as recommended by Lisa Eldridge) to hide those angry red pimples that were surfacing under the skin. This is what I turn to when I need the big guns.


As you can see the I still needed the Dermablend in September. I swapped out the Chanel blush for NARS Deep Throat, in an attempt to try to hit pan on that as well. New in September was:

Diorshow New Look in 090 Black
The brush of this mascara is one of those silicone mascara wands. There will be an more indepth review in the near future.

You might have noticed that lip products are missing. I actually have a makeup bag that I keep at work and my lippies are in there. I don’t know why I don’t apply anything on the lips except for lip balm when I run out the door in the morning. Currently I have these in my bag:


Lancome Baume in Love in 120

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in 54 Boy & 467 Pygmalion

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 03

Laura Mercier Raspberry Sorbet

For the months of July to September I was mainly using the Lancome balm with a slick of Clarins on top or Boy alone. The Pygmalion and Laura Mercier were new additions in October.

Well, I have accomplished the 5 pan/emtpies of skincare for sure. As for the 5 makeup pans, I shouldn’t be too far off if I count the mascaras I’ve ‘used up’ (binned). I have a few liners that are down to stubs, and others that are perhaps too old to hang onto. We’re just two months’ shy from 2014 so I’ve still got some time left to try to hit pan on a blush. The Sofina is my first pan ever for a foundation and I’m still pretty stoked about it.


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