October Empties

October Empties

ettusais face blotting paper
I have no idea how many sheets there were in this packet but it took me years to finish this. To be fair I had other packets going as well at the same time. It comes in very thin sheets that are beige coloured. I noticed a lot of brands use the same paper. The ones I had from DHC certainly were identical. Nothing exceptional with these ones, they do their job. In summer I need to use two sheets.

Repurchase? No. The Shiseido Pureness ones are better for summer, and I do prefer slightly thicker sheets.

La Roche-Posay TolerianeMade in France
Another month, another tube finished. Honestly I think by now I can use another facial moisturiser if I want to (for those not in the know the Toleriane was recommended to me by my dermatologist a couple of years ago). Something with more pizazz. Or Patyka, for example [- that’s not to say I won’t try this one]. But I’ve come to actually liking this no-frills cream. If I do get a reaction from something on my face I know it’s not this.

Repurchase? Yes.

Le Petit Olivier Hand Cream
Previous review of the body cream is here. I ran out of ideas when I needed to buy a tube of handcream to carry with me and went for this, knowing there’s a good chance that I will like it. And I do.

Repurchase? Yes.

Glysomed Hand Cream – Made in USA
This big tube was at home with me and then later, left at work because of its size. Such a good staple though. Previous reviewed here.

Note that this tube is the unscented version, and it’s made in the USA and not Germany. I don’t know if they changed the country of manufacture or if it’s just the unscented ones. I got this tube from my brother and his gf who didn’t want to lug around a big tube of cream when they were in town late last year. So it was purchased after I got mine. Currently I have one flat screw-top can left from my hoard and it’s the scented version and it’s made in Germany. So I don’t know. I don’t think it matters where it’s made though.

Repurchase? Yes

Anastasia Brow Wiz – Brunette – Made in Korea
I’ve briefly mentioned this product in one of the ‘most used’ posts. The Brow Wiz is a brow pencil with a very fine nib, like 1mm. As is the case with many brow pencils you get a spoolie on the other end of the pencil, which is always handy. This one is softer and more malleable than my older ones, it probably has less wax as well. I like how precise this pencil and it really allows you to draw in your hair naturally. My brows are quite sparse and the way I use this is to start first with my brow powder and then go in with this pencil on the areas where the powder doesn’t adhere or where I have a particularly sparse area. The pencil redefines the brows very nicely and it always look natural.

The one thing I don’t like is you only get 0.08g / 0.002oz of product. I can’t remember how much I paid for this (I got it in a Sephora in NYC) but I know I didn’t think ‘wow, what a bargain!’ when I was picking it up. Since it’s made in Korea, I have a feeling there may be a cheaper alternative in Asia. I will see if I can find a fine-tipped brow pencil when I find myself over there next time.

Repurchase? At the moment they’re not available in France AFAIK. But I’m leaning towards yes in spite of it cos I really did enjoy using this.


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