NARS Cinematic Lipstick


Finally a good-ol’, simple review. What a breath of fresh air! There are so much I’ve been wanting to write about but it just takes me so long to do a post. I’d have a new product but by the time I sit down the item would have long fallen off the radar. And since I’m on this very lenient ‘no-buy’ I (usually) only allow myself to get LE stuff, a lot of the time the item would no longer be available and it felt a little pointless to write about it.

So here I am rushing out this little post because for once it can still be relevant: The NARS Cinematic lipstick in ‘Last Tango’ and ‘Short Circuit’.

The Cinematic lipsticks are said to be formulated especially for this collection, delivering high pigment without sacrificing comfort. I bought these two sight unseen, something I don’t often do. I’ve been popping into Le Bon Marché and and Sephora but didn’t see them and just couldn’t wait for them to launch. So I caved and ordered them through the NARS website.

Here I kindly remind our American readers how lucky they often are because they pay USD26 while here we pay 26 euros. And they get F&F sales and so on. The last ‘great’ sale I got was 25% off Sephora – they usually only do 20% which means I don’t pay the EU sales tax. No huge discount though. In short, I’m rambling because I’m jealous 😦

Anyway the items that got my attention from what I’ve seen online were ‘Cambodia’ eye shadow and ‘Last Tango’ lipstick. When it came to the crunch I dumped Cambodia, knowing I’m not really an e/s kind of gal (plus oddly I felt like I really need to see and touch eyeshadows before I buy them) and got ‘Short Circuit’ instead, a shade that takes me out of my comfort zone.

This reasoning makes no sense at all of course when you think about it. Anyhow the old me would have gotten ‘Future Red’ but we all know I really don’t need another red lipstick. And ‘Short Circuit’ as you will see, is different.


L-R: Short Circuit, Last Tango

I found it very hard to photograph these lipsticks because the shades don’t come out true to what I see. The lipstick swatches Karen did on her site are among the more accurate at the moment on the net. Here is my pathetic contribution nonetheless:


So a little shade description I suppose. How bright is Short Circuit? Well if you own a red moleskin I find the two to be very close:


If I were a whiz I would tweek the RGB values so they would show the actual colour but I’m not. But I photographed the lipstick against a red moleskin and uploaded it straight and that’s how close the hues are, just to give you an idea. ‘Short Circuit’ is an orange-red. Actually it’s more of a red-orange. An orange trying to disguise itself as a red. In any case it is definitely a statement lip. For some reason it makes my teeth look whiter and I’m surprised how good it looks on me (yellow skin-tone, MAC face & body C3).

‘Last Tango’ on the other hand is a very safe colour. It’s accurately described as a dusty rose and its one of those colours I was drawn to in my early years of makeup. Now that I no longer have any of those older ones I’m happy to see this kind of shade in my stash again. Temptalia has a good swatch of this. It’s Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Boy without the shimmer, in an opaque and creamy formula.

With these lipsticks what you see in the tube is what you get on your lips. They are opaque and very comfortable to wear and have a wet, luminous finish. It’s not the kind of high-shine a lip gloss will leave, but more the Kiehl’s lip balm #1 sheen. I was testing ‘Short Circuit’ last night and it wore extremely well. It didn’t budge through light snacks (think crackers) and come dinner, it stayed on until I wiped it off by accident because I honestly forgot that I had it on.

I’ve had a few NARS lipsticks in different finishes in the past but while I love the shades they were all too drying for me. This is my first NARS lipstick in years (my last purchase was Tobago, which I just found out has since been discontinued!). To be honest these new shades wouldn’t have piqued my interest at all were it not for the new formula. It’s my guess only but it’s not unreasonable to think that NARS will bring this formula as part of their permanent range eventually.

As for the other items in the collection, I skipped the blushes because (apart from not needing another blush), I already have a fuschia/magenta shade (MAC Her Blooming Cheek) so I don’t need Coeur Battant. Now I don’t know if they are similar but personally I only need one fuschia blush in my life and MAC got there first. Daydream is nice but I have enough peachy ones and frustratingly no one really notices the different nuances apart from yours truly it seems.

The lip crayons that comes with the pochette look good but there are a few shades I won’t be using. And I know I really only want the pouch. Same for the other sets actually.

Don’t care for the ‘One Night Stand’ palette because I have ‘Deep Throat’ and I don’t like ‘Orgasm’ and that’s enough to stop looking. And really if you have one I don’t think you need the other. Honestly my interest in a palette wanes significantly if I already have one of the shades and if then I see another shade that I know I won’t use for whatever reason, I write it off. Palettes are too expensive for doubles, and with me it’s always a double of an original I won’t be able to finish. So NARS, please stop putting the ‘Pandora’ black in your eye shadow palettes.


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