September Empties

Hey I’m slowly catching up! Sorry pics are look a bit sloppy …


SANA Super Quick Gel Pencilliner EX in Real Black
This was my backup I bought in Hong Kong last year. I used this liner exclusively for a month or so and finished it. Probably the fastest product I used up.

I blogged about this here, here and it was one of my favourites for 2012. Honestly this is the best type of eyeliner for daily use. By that I mean if you’re like me and you don’t have the time to draw the perfect line or that perfect flick in the morning because you opted for that extra 15 minutes of sleep instead; and you just want to finish your makeup and run out the door so you’ll be on time for work. Here you have all the best qualities of a gel liner without the hassle – no brushes, only a convenient twist pencil form that doesn’t need to be sharpened. You just need to make sure the one you’re getting has a really fine tip. The 2mm here is perfect. Any bigger and you might as well opt for a pencil cos believe me, you will want to sharpen a wide blunt tip.

I noticed shu uemura has a similar liner [link to shu USA site] that came out earlier this year. I can imagine it being really good too but the SANA one cost me 9 euros. So there’s that. Another budget one is Kate’s version, which I have heard good things about [link to Kate Malaysia website, perhaps]. I will try to pick that one up next time.

Repurchase? Yes.

Yves Roche Hamamélis Super-soft anti-perspirant deodorant (50ml)  – Made in France
Paraben-free and formulated for sensitive skin. This is one of the products from the witch hazel range at Yves Rocher. The ‘super-soft’ I guess refers to the scent. It has a nice, ‘soft’ scent, which by the way they claim is an ‘allergen-free fragrance’. There are no animal ingredients – the deodorising agent is of botanical origin. They do not recommend applying on broken skin or after epilation.

Honestly, most deodorant that contain aluminium works fine with me and in the end is a matter of scent and whether you like the fragrance or not. I quite liked this, it’s very clean and easy and doesn’t shout that it’s there.

Repurchase? If I run out of new scents to try, why not?

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (60g) – Made in Japan
This was another product that I planned on writing an independant post on, as part of a review of 3 different cleansing oils I was using (I’m still using the other two so maybe I will write that post). So I’ll be succinct here: The DHC oil is efficient and gentle. No fragrance, it just smelt of olive oil. My eyes never stung when the product or residue got in, I just had blurry vision until I rinsed everything out. I like the pump as well and a smaller size is avaible for those who intend on travelling with it. I picked this up when I saw it at a Monoprix (not my local but a bigger one). I will say that I didn’t see it anymore the last time I was there. I can’t remember how much it cost but it certainly wasn’t a bargain. With so many other brands doing their cleansing oils (like L’oreal, Mixa etc) at a cheaper price I guess it’s hard to compete?

Repurchase?  I did enjoy using this and I will certainly go back to DHC if I couldn’t find a better/more affordable replacement. And easier to find.


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