Month: June 2013

May Empties

A few handcreams in there for the month of May. How did this happen? Well I had four handcreams opened and using at the same time. Kept one in the bag, one at work and two at home. I wasn’t expecting to be finishing three around the same time though, happy coincidence.


Yves Rocher Expert Repair – Repair Lotion for Extra Dry Skin (150ml)
Paraben-free, organic shea butter, magiferine, soya oil, coprah oil, colza oil, 100% botanical glycerin.
For those with ‘real’ extra dry skin I would probably recommend L’Occitane’s shea butter or Dr. Hauschka’s almond lotion, seen in my March empties post. All things considered though (pricing, packaging, quality) this is a solid product worth trying.

Repurchase? They’re not the same pricepoint and are different products in many ways but I do prefer Kiehl’s Creme de Corps.

Derma Eco Woman Handcreme (75ml)
I bought this in a supermarket in Copenhagen. There isn’t much information that I understand on the packaging, except that it’s organic and unscented. It is a light-textured hand cream (more like a lotion) that does the job effectively. Here’s the information I found on the website:

Derma Eco Woman Hand Cream with Aloe Vera and Shea Butter is a mild conditioning cream that soothes, nourishes and protects the hands, nails and cuticles. It contains almond oil that gives the skin a natural barrier against moisture loss while enhancing its natural elasticity. Purse portable for regular use.

Derma Eco Woman Hand Cream is certified organic by Ecocert and carries both the official Nordic environmental label, the Swan label, and the declaration from the Danish Asthma & Allergy Foundation. It contains no perfume, no parabens and no colourants and thereby minimizes the risk of allergy and hypersensitivity reactions.

It sounds really good on paper but with my rough paws I sometimes have to reapply quite frequently. They seem to like plain ol’ Nivea more.

Repurchase? I’m interested to try other products in the range but not the handcream. It’s not available in France anyway AFAIK.

Nivea Creme (100ml)
The classic! A solid performer that always deliver. It is on the thicker side of creams and has the signature Nivea scent. It’s the one I kept in my bag. On the back of the tube it says you can use it anywhere but I’ve only really used it on my hands. Although I do remember having it applied on my face from the tin packaging when I was a little girl in winter. No preservatives.

Repurchase? Yes.

Burt’s Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Cream (55g)
This is heavy duty stuff. It’s a thick balm that can feel kind of greasy. You really need to work it in the hands and avoid touching things like iPads and mirrors etc afterwards. It’s heavily scented of almond (albeit slightly fake) and the perfume lingers for quite a while so you have to make sure you like the smell before you buy it. Housed in a jar I think it’s best to have around the kitchen.

It’s ‘paraben and phthalate free, 100% natural’. Made in the USA too. Here’s the ingredients list:

Repurchase? Unfortunately no. The scent is too strong for my liking and at 11.95 euros it’s quite steep for a handcream.


Yves Rocher Manoi de Tahiti Lagoon Shampoo & Shower gel (150ml)
Blue in colour, sweet smelling mix of floral and coconut. Smells rather strongly in the shower but leaves skin with a light suntan lotion perfume afterwards that reasonably lingers. I haven’t tried using this as a shampoo so I can’t comment on that. I can imagine this being a fun and nice product for summer, to use after a day by the pool or at the beach, when you want to extend the beach scent. Its small size makes it ideal for dumping it in the beach bag.

Repurchase? No for the home but I’ll consider it if I’m travelling to somewhere hot with beach activities.

* picture from official website