Lancome In Love – Liners

Lancome Trio

My trio sets from Lancome’s Spring-Summer In Love collection arrived! As mentioned previously (here) they are an online exclusive offer found on and you basically get a nail polish free with the purchase of the liner and lip balm (at a reduced price too). The liners are 18.20 euros, the balm 26.75 and the polish 16.60. The set is 42.50 euros. You do the math.

I’d like the focus on the two liners for this post.

I got Deepwater Blue and Jade Crush. The third colour is a brown called Chocolate Affair. They are part of the new breed of eyeliners that we are seeing more and more of: buttery soft, highly pigmented and long lasting. I’ve only tried Deepwater Blue so far and I can attest that it does last all day and didn’t smudge. On the flip side it was also one of the most difficult to remove eyeliners I’ve encountered.


To get an idea of how much product is used per application, on the top is Deepwater Blue used once to line both eyes. The Jade Crush is untouched.

Deepwater Blue is a vibrant Royal blue. My swatch picture doesn’t do it justice so I abandoned.

If you’re wondering if Jade Crush is at all similar to Dior’s Turquoise release from last summer, here’s a swatch of the two:

lancome03  lancome04

Under different lighting, the top is Jade Crush and bottom Dior. As you can see the Dior is lighter with silver micro shimmer (easier to spot in the second photo) while the Lancome is deeper in tone and has no shimmer. If you already have the Dior, I’d say get the Jade Crush if you prefer a colour that really pops.

Between the two, Deepwater Blue is easier to wear. It’s different without screaming ‘Look at me!’ and Jade Crush has the potential to do that. Of course all depends on your application.

These remind me of NARS Larger than Life or Armani’s Eyes to Kill waterproof liners. I prefer Armani over the NARS, and between Armani and Lancome, I might prefer the Lancome. Heresy I know! The GA seems to be even a smidgen softer and while it’s great for working on the lids without tugging at all, they’re also harder to control for me because your sharpened nib gets rounded in like 0.5 second and continues to blunt as you draw your line. I often have a fair bit of tidying up work to do after wielding one of them. Lancome seems to have gotten the right amount of give without being too, too soft. They’re also cheaper with the Armani pencil selling for 23.50 euros here.

All in all I’m very happy with these and highly recommend them. If you’re looking for a replacement for your everyday liner, I think you’ll be very happy witih Chocolate Affair. I would have grabbed one too had I not already have the brown from Armani.


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