Month: May 2013

Lierac Sensory Exfoliant with 3 White Flowers


The Gommage Sensoriel aux 3 Fleurs Blanches is an exfoliant with 27% of sugar crystals, vanilla particles and peach kernels. On the website I found the following additional information:

A delicious gel-oil texture that transforms into a milk upon contact with damp skin for delicious, skin-smoothing and invigorating.Three white flower extracts and four precious botanical oils regenerate and soften the skin.

The active ingredients are:

Gardenia: Soothes

Jasmine: Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory with relaxing properties

Camellia: Protects, nourishes, softens

Argan Oil: Antioxidant that protects, soothes, and softens

Hazelnut Oil: Nourishes, soothes, softens

Sweet Almond Oil: Nourishes, soothes, hydrates

Grapeseed Oil: Antioxidant that regenerates and re-texturizes


I have started using this ever since my Weleda body scrub ran out. With 175ml of product, it is slightly bigger than Weleda (150ml).

The Lierac has a floral perfume smell. I’m sure there’s a perfume out there that smells like this. I’m not thrilled with this particular scent but it’s not a deal-breaker. The first difference I notice with this body scrub is the exfoliating particles feel ‘harsher’ than the Weleda. By harsher I mean you feel the scrubbing action. The Weleda one had bigger particles and was gentler, like a massage. These particles in the Lierac are finer and they also dissolve quicker. The more you rub the faster it melts and emulsifies.

The second thing I noticed is it’s a lot more nourishing and really leaves the body feeling moisturised long after rinsing. The oils really protect and envelope the skin and I didn’t feel like I needed a body moisturiser after shower.

This product really reminded me of the times I indugled in a spa from beginng to end. It is a year-round product but I think it will really shine in the cooler months. I think everyone will enjoy this (unless you’re looking to use this in the middle of summer and you live in a humid country), it feels so luxurious. I wish there’s a scoop or something included, it’s the only beef I have if I must pick something. I’m not too familiar with the brand Lierac but will keep an eye out for other interesting products in their range to try in the future.

Lancome In Love – Liners

Lancome Trio

My trio sets from Lancome’s Spring-Summer In Love collection arrived! As mentioned previously (here) they are an online exclusive offer found on and you basically get a nail polish free with the purchase of the liner and lip balm (at a reduced price too). The liners are 18.20 euros, the balm 26.75 and the polish 16.60. The set is 42.50 euros. You do the math.

I’d like the focus on the two liners for this post.

I got Deepwater Blue and Jade Crush. The third colour is a brown called Chocolate Affair. They are part of the new breed of eyeliners that we are seeing more and more of: buttery soft, highly pigmented and long lasting. I’ve only tried Deepwater Blue so far and I can attest that it does last all day and didn’t smudge. On the flip side it was also one of the most difficult to remove eyeliners I’ve encountered.


To get an idea of how much product is used per application, on the top is Deepwater Blue used once to line both eyes. The Jade Crush is untouched.

Deepwater Blue is a vibrant Royal blue. My swatch picture doesn’t do it justice so I abandoned.

If you’re wondering if Jade Crush is at all similar to Dior’s Turquoise release from last summer, here’s a swatch of the two:

lancome03  lancome04

Under different lighting, the top is Jade Crush and bottom Dior. As you can see the Dior is lighter with silver micro shimmer (easier to spot in the second photo) while the Lancome is deeper in tone and has no shimmer. If you already have the Dior, I’d say get the Jade Crush if you prefer a colour that really pops.

Between the two, Deepwater Blue is easier to wear. It’s different without screaming ‘Look at me!’ and Jade Crush has the potential to do that. Of course all depends on your application.

These remind me of NARS Larger than Life or Armani’s Eyes to Kill waterproof liners. I prefer Armani over the NARS, and between Armani and Lancome, I might prefer the Lancome. Heresy I know! The GA seems to be even a smidgen softer and while it’s great for working on the lids without tugging at all, they’re also harder to control for me because your sharpened nib gets rounded in like 0.5 second and continues to blunt as you draw your line. I often have a fair bit of tidying up work to do after wielding one of them. Lancome seems to have gotten the right amount of give without being too, too soft. They’re also cheaper with the Armani pencil selling for 23.50 euros here.

All in all I’m very happy with these and highly recommend them. If you’re looking for a replacement for your everyday liner, I think you’ll be very happy witih Chocolate Affair. I would have grabbed one too had I not already have the brown from Armani.

And so I Caved …

As I confessed in my previous Project 2 x 5 Pan update, purchases were made when no pans were happening. And even though they are allowed (most of them being limited edition products), I still feel kind of guilty about them. Here are the items that successfully seduced me since I started the project. Most of them are LE:

From: MAC Strength collection
Item: Poised blush (satin)
I had high expectations of this when I placed the order and from reviews thought it’s a brown-brown blush. When it arrived I was disappointed – it reminds me of Gingerly and I am looking for a more unique shade that I don’t have dupes of. I have since been converted because it looks very natural on the skin. I have a few MAC blushes but only one other in the same satin formula (Her Blooming Cheek, a fuschia) and with this one I finally saw the subtle sheen and shimmer it imparts.

Having said that Poised isn’t that much of a unique shade in my collection:

April Empties

Embryolisse Lait crème concentré (75ml)
I cheated a little here because it was mainly the Man who finished it. I asked his opinion and he says he likes it, preferring this to the Oilatum. It does appear he gets less razor burns and cuts with this cream. Made in France.

Because of the cult status of the cream I thought I would post the ingredients here for those interested:

Aqua, Paraffinum liquidum, stearic acid, glyceryl stearate, triethanolamine, cera alba, cetyl palmitate, butyrospermum parkii, steareth-19, polyacrylamide C13-14, isoparaffin, laureth-7, propylene glycol, hydrolyzed soy protein, aloe barbadensis, 1.2-hexanediol, caprylyl glycol, tropolone, parfum.

It uses symboil 68T a paraben-free preservative complex.
Suggested usage for this cream include cleansing/make up remover, repairing mask, after-shave cream or baby-care product, after sun care.

I have two back-ups of this and have started the Man on the first of those while I work on my current day cream.

Repurchase? No, I’d like to try something else after this.

Weleda Creme gommante au bouleau (150ml)
This fresh smelling body scrub is made in Germany and was in my October favourites in 2012. The gentle scrubbing particles are medium sized and are suspended in a very creamy formula that makes it very spreadable but won’t dribble everywhere in the shower. I enjoyed using this very much and the scent is invigorating. Great for using in the shower. I recommend trying this one if you have sensitive skin and are looking for a gentle body scrub.

Repurchase? Yes.

Yves Rocher Jardins du Monde Indian Cotton Flower Shower cream (200ml)
pH neutral, containing no animal ingredients. With Indian cotton flower extract and organically grown witch hazel water, botanical glycerin in a botanical cleansing base. Made in France.

This is my favourite scent from Yves Rocher yet. It’s very soft and delicate while still being on the same vein as fluffy towels, fresh laundry type of fragrance. I like this much better than the oats one, the packaging is also more shower friendly.

Repurchase? Yes.

Make Up For Ever Brow Seal (6ml)
I have been using this for the past year or so to set my brows after filling them in. It’s a transparent gel product that comes with a mascara-type wand. It coats the lashes and helps with the grooming but I didn’t notice extended wear with this on – my brow fades during the day (this sounds weird but I’m of course referring to the powder I use) around the same time with or without the brow seal. I wanted this to be a waterproof sealant or something similar that would extend the look of the brows and this wasn’t it. It’s more like hair gel for brows I suppose.

This is made in Italy and lasts a long long time. I’m chucking this out because I’ve been using it for so long – the gel inside is tinted by my brow powder and find it too yucky to use. Also an excuse to change.

I’m looking to try the Aqua Brow from the same company, a waterproof product with it’s own pigment and supposed to be long-lasting.

Repurchase? No.

That’s all for April! I’m wondering if I can count the MUFE brow gel as a pan?