Benefit "They’re Real" Mascara

My first Benefit product was Dandelion when they first came out with it yonks ago. I might have got my paws on it through a CP back in those days. I liked it but didn’t love it. Kind of neutral to be honest, and in denial about how it in fact didn’t really show up on me. And yes, I know it’s not supposed to be a blush etc etc. Anyhow.

Now that I think about it I suppose I’m also quite neutral when it comes to the brand. Back in those days I liked the packaging. They’re still kind of retro and cute now but sometimes the names and packaging combo makes me cringe a little. I haven’t tried many products from Benefit, and thought I’d give this mascara a go since I’ve heard good things about it. When I saw Sephora carrying it in a mini + regular size two-for-one pack I picked one up. I like sample sized mascaras, they’re just wonderful for travelling with. I’m actually using the mini size at the moment.

It has a plastic silicone-y brush with spikes on the tips, which I like. I enjoy seeing little details like this on mascaras, things that help you get into those pesky corners. I was however surprised at how big the brush was when I first pulled it out. It may have something to do with the mini tube but I don’t know, it just took me off guard.

The mascara wears well and doesn’t flake. However it appears to weigh my lashes down slightly more than others. Application-wise, and this is something I encounter often being someone with short lashes, the brush is too big for me to really get into the roots without smudging it everywhere. I don’t mind cleaning with a cotton bud afterwards… but the results I see here are sadly not worth that extra trouble. Don’t get me wrong, “They’re Real” isn’t a bad mascara, but it’s just not spectacular enough at this price point (RRP 24 euros – FYI Lancome Hypnose is 27 euros). I have higher expectations when I’m paying close to 25 euros for a mascara. This one reminds me the results I can get with something from Max Factor or Maybelline. Maybe this one will suit someone who’s already blessed with long lashes.

I’ll report again if when I start using the regular size version I find an improvement in quality. But for now … it’s just not worth the money for me. I think I’ll stay away from Benefit for a while, until at least I visit a country where the pricing is more reasonable.


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