Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Excess Mascara

I love the Eyes to Kill mascaras. I have finished two tubes of the original and one of the waterproof version. Just to recap, I like the regular version better. I talked about that briefly here. Naturally I’m curious about the Excess version and well, here we are!

Unfortunately I don’t have a regular version on hand to compare with at the moment but from what I remember the Excess version has a similar looking brush to the original. It’s a hair fluffier perhaps, less dense, I think? The waterproof version however has a completely different shaped brush that looks like a ‘s’ if you look at it from the tip.

So what are the differences between the Excess and the regular version?

Well one of the first things that I can think of is it’s harder for me to grab hold of my lashes with the Excess brush. The brush seems just a little too big for my lashes, and when the brush is fully loaded with product, the hair just doesn’t ‘grab’ the lashes easily. I don’t remember having this problem with the regular one, and it was even easier with the waterproof brush because it was shaped differently and smaller.

With the Excess brush I feel a little clumsy using the wand fresh out of the tube, hoping I won’t smear my lids with the wet formula (which I end up doing anyway, to different degrees, invariably). I am however, writing as someone with short, straight, wimpy and sparse lashes.

Results-wise though, the Excess does live up to its me for me, giving a lot more volume and thus a falsies type of look. The glossy wet black dries to a very rich, deep black. Know that my lashes droop slightly with just about all mascaras (except the Bi*Ta*Ba), the Excess holds the curl well and doesn’t weigh my lashes down more than any other mascaras. It wears very well too and doesn’t flake.

I didn’t encounter any difficulty when it comes to removing this. As to the scent, I never noticed any perfume in particular except I thought it smelled something of honey. But apparently others have noticed a faint rose scent? Either way it’s nothing to be concerned about.

If you want more drama and tend to opt for volume rather than length, the Excess is an excellent mascara choice. It really darkens and thickens the lashes to the point where they look unreal.
I find both versions worth splurging for, but I have a soft spot for the regular and will probably return to that when I’m done with all the unopened mascaras I have in waiting. It’s just more goof-proof personally (eye shape, wimpy lashes and all that) and the results I get from the regular one in terms of lengthening and volumising is impressive enough for my needs.


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