ettusais BI*TA*BA Volume Mascara

ettusais means “and you know” in French. The Man likes making fun of it when he sees me wielding any ettusais product, like putting it randomly in his silly sentences but not finishing them. “And you know…” what? What do I know exactly??

Anyway. It’s a Japanese brand that does makeup and skincare. Skincare-wise I think they are especially known for their range catering for adult-acne and problem skin. It’s an affordable brand that you can buy in chemists usually. One of their cult products is the lip essence. I haven’t tried it yet though.

This tube of BI-TA-BA was a purchase made quite a while ago. It was never opened – I was distracted by other mascaras like EtK from Armani but now it’s finally its turn to be used. It’s actually my 4th or 5th tube of ettusais’ comb mascara. I think it’s the 2nd or third generation of BI-TA-BA. I’ve been a fan of comb mascaras ever since I tried Stephane Marais’ version back in the Jurassic days. I still weep for our loss of that beautiful range.
Anyway this mascara is mainly for volume and it’s waterproof. 8g of product in the tube, made in Japan. The colour is a deep, dark black. Among the blackest mascaras I’ve used. 
I found this on their Singapore website:
The ‘bundling’ action can be a problem if there’s too much product loaded on the comb. You end up with maybe 4 or 5 small bundles of lashes that requires the use of a hard-toothed comb to separate. But if you’re careful when distributing the product you do get volume and maybe even a cute doll-eyed or bambi-eyed look with this. It’s not super thickening though, so if you’re looking for a crazy falsies effect this isn’t it.
The formula applies rather wet as well so again, be careful and resist the urge to blink or sneeze. 
I like the finer teeth at the top of the comb as it really does help in getting in those hard to reach inner and outer corners.

It’s long-lasting and I can attest to the waterproof qualities of this mascara. It’s the hardest mascara to remove that I’ve ever encountered. You need a eye makeup remover for this as I’ve found that cleansing oils don’t work as well. But your mileage may vary because the Sofina works better than the DHC at taking this off.
But what I like most about it is that doesn’t weigh my lashes down at all. Plus it really holds the curl, probably the best curl-holding mascara I’ve used. I have crappy straight and short Asian lashes and most mascaras weigh them down a little – my curl often ends up just slightly lower and less obvious. Not so with this one.
This is also the only mascara the Man commented on. Ok he didn’t ask what mascara I used but he did ask me what I did to my lashes because they look longer than usual. I should add that The Man has longer and fuller and more beautiful lashes than I do, and it won’t be a stretch to say that his lower lashes are probably the same length if not longer, than my regular lashes. 
But I have a full head of lush hair, ha ha.
All in all if you can get your hands on this it’s well worth a try. Many Japanese brands make wonderful mascaras. They are really innovative in terms of brush shapes and formulas, and their mascaras are also very long-lasting. 

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