Makeup Project 2 x 5 Pan – Update #1

First update: No pans yet, *sigh*

I was trying to limit myself to the same products so I can use them up quickly but sometimes you just get bored and want a little variety. I wanted to do the update on this last month but didn’t get round to finish it. Combining Jan & Feb, it’s actually interesting to see the change in product choices.

It’s tough, this project. I’m starting to wonder if I haven’t bitten off more than I could chew? Perhaps I should’ve done one of those “XXX Days No Buy” instead for my first time, just to build my confidence.

…….. Then again since I have bought something doing a blatant ‘No Buy’ and then buying something is actually worse.

[I got the LE MAC blush in Poised (part of the Strength collection) a few weeks ago and then just today, the LE Bobbi Brown cherry gloss. I didn’t break any of my own rules (“LE is ok”) but still I feel guilty about this, especially since Poised left me a little disappointed. But more on this in another post.]

Doing a Project 10 Pan can feel a little stagnant but I just need to focus. I feel tempted to take advantage of the 20% off offer … I couldn’t count how many times I’ve been on the site and put things in the trolley, entered the code, stared at it and then closed the browser. I don’t really have something that I absolutely, must buy, not even staples because I already have backups. Plus I know they do the 20% off thing from time to time so I’ll just wait for the next one.

I still look at beauty blogs of course but thankfully none of the Spring collections screamed at me. Still I went to the department stores to see all the collections in person and left pretty much contented that I have no lemmings (apart from that darn sold out sheer cheery blush stick from BB, and maybe the new Healthy Mix blush from Bourjois – it’s so new they don’t have a tester in place yet but in the pan it looks a beautiful coral colour, a unique shade in their blush collection, it resembles nothing else at all).

Most reached for products in January:Concealor
Cargo One Base
– A “concealor + foundation in one”, it says on the tube. I am quite enjoying using this, its texture is not too thick nor too thin; opaque enough to cover but also easy to blend in. Buildable coverage, I use this mainly to even out the skin tone rather than spot concealing. Currently using it under the eyes and also the tip of my nose where it’s gotten tanned.

Chanel Tweed Sienna
– One of those fool-proof blushes I can wear year-round, pale or tanned. This is a really nice blush that I think will suit a lot of people. The crazy shimmer you see in a new pan is an overlay that goes away. It may look the most boring among the other Tweed blushes but it’s a very solid performer.
And look at that dip! I’m sure this will be one of my pans. It has to be.

MAC The Perfect Cheek 
– The texture can certainly be softer, but I do love the colour. A blush you reach for when you don’t want to think about what to wear. I can’t believe how much I’ve been using this since I got it.

Clinque gel liner
– Excellent stuff and waterproof too. Some people have complained about how the colour doesn’t show up when they apply it. I find that hard to imagine in my own experience because it is so intense. You just need to use the right tools (not that dingy brush that came with it) and load the brush up properly to be wowed.

KOJI Linequeen
– I have experienced some light smudging despite its claim otherwise. And while the retractable pencil is convenient and has a nice texture, I do wish I could sharpen it as the tip can get quite blunt. Too bad because the black is a nice, rich black as well.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy
– Sheer rosy easy-going colour

Most reached for products in February:

Cargo One Base

NARS Deep Throat
– For that pop of colour. My first NARS blush, I’ve had this for too many years to count. Choosing between Orgasm and this and tried both on the cheeks and preferred DT which looks more natural on. Less sparkly. If you’re interested in getting Orgasm I highly recommend you looking into ‘The Natural High’ by bareMinerals. It’s an LE from the current ReMix collection but looks to be a very good dupe, cheaper and softer!

Clinique Cream Shaper in Egyptian and Black Diamond
– I’m really loving these. They are long lasting even on my hooded and at times oily lids, and the finish is beautiful. So easy to apply. Definitely up for repurchase afterwards.

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 03
– This smells like vanilla. The real stuff, not the plasticky artificial ones. Or maybe creme brulee. Or caramel. Either way it smells delicious but has no taste. 03 is the seemingly boring looking, nude colour of the three six! available shades. It applies sheer in one coat but can be built up (to a certain degree) – you won’t get full opacity unless you don’t mind having a really really noticeable thick coat of gloss on your lips. The thing that surprised me most is how comfortable it is to wear and that it moisturises the lips. You’ll have to reapply every 2 hours or so though. I like the packaging too, it’s fun and easy to put on without a mirror.

Clarins have just released 3 new colours to this range in Petal, Candy and Rosewood. I’m definitely getting Candy when the project is done.

If you’re doing a project 10 pan, I hope you fared better than I did!


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