February Blog Blathers

So the shortest month of the year has come and gone and we’re well into 2013. … although that didn’t stop me from hesitating when it came to writing down the current year for a form (“2012? 2013??”) I guess deep down I still couldn’t believe how fast time goes by. I know, I say that a lot here. It comes with age.

I won’t be doing an Empties post this month because I’ve only managed to use up 2 items, one being a shower gel (wow… I know) and the other a body cream. I’m saving them for March, hoping that the lineup will be a little longer.
Instead I thought I’d do a post recapping some significant events of past, beauty-related of course. Most recently I went skiing and while we had the most beautiful weather and snow possible, I paid it with the dreaded goggled-look. Yes, this is where the top half my face is pale and the bottom half from the tip of my nose down to the chin is tanned. Check out my self-portrait:

It is absolutely horrendous and I haven’t found an elegant solution to this. I’ve tried foundations to even out skin tone, but most of them don’t have enough coverage. The only one that truly covered was Vichy Dermablend, but since at the time of purchase I intended to use it mainly a concealor, the shade I have is a little too light for all-over use, which resulted in a quasi-Michael Jackson kind of look. A little too pale and thick-looking for me.

I then tried lightly dusting bronzer on the top half of my face but it didn’t really help, except in getting a comment from a colleague wondering if I’ve gotten more sun during the weekend.
I guess I’ll just wait for the tan to fade in due course. Meanwhile I’m just bringing the blusher up a little, adding some colour to those pale cheeks so they won’t be so stark against the rest (bottom half) of the face.Lesson learned: Wear sunscreen. And Rouge Coco Shine in Boy looks terrible on my tanned skin.

While we’re on the topic of skiing, I did put on some makeup before hitting the slopes but have kept it to a minimum. My experience:1. Eyeliner and mascara are probably the most important items for me. I chose waterproof to be safe but you don’t need to if you wear goggles anyway. Makes taking the makeup off easier at the end of an exhausting day.
2. You may think you need blush but you don’t. At all.
3. Lip stain + lip balm with SPF

And before anything, slap on some sunscreen of course.

The other significant event that still haunts me to this day features the discontinued foundation Pro Lumiere from Chanel. This was the foundation I bought and wore for my wedding day (P-e-r-f-e-c-t-i-o-n). It was discontinued a couple of months after my purchase and of course I’ve kept it to use on special occasions. One of those special days rolled by November last year when I was invited to spend a weekend in Monaco. I selected a few key makeup items to help me look impeccable: the Giorgio Armani ETK eye shadow palette in Maestro, YSL glossy stain in red #9 and of course the Pro Lumiere. Well long story short, I dropped the bottle in the hotel bathroom – after I finished applying it at least – and the whole thing shattered and I shed a tear realising what I’d done. I thought about salvaging whatever’s left in the bottle but I had no proper container with me. I lost 90% of product in a 95% full bottle of a fabulous foundation that I can no longer buy. Every wipe of the floor hurted a little more than the last. I chose not to take a photo of this.Lesson learned: Leave your fragile LE items at home.

BTW: I haven’t tried loads of high-end foundation but I agree with the Chapman sisters who said that the closest ‘dupe’ they found of the Pro Lumiere is the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation (original black cap version) because that’s the first thing that came to my mind when I applied it – it felt like Pro Lumiere. BUT! This foundation is being phased out at the moment – they’ve already been replaced by a new updated version of this at my local supermarket. It’s now dubbed the Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix. It has a red pump with a clear cap. I haven’t gone searching high and low for the old one but as far as I know you can only buy the old black capped one on the Bourjois website. I haven’t tried the new one either (I’m on no-buy) so I don’t know how it compares but from what I read they boosted the formula with more fruity goodness and fine-tuned the shades to be more universally suitable.

Lastly some of you may have noticed the disappearance of the monthly ‘Favourites’ post. I haven’t forgotten about it but have decided instead to make it a quarterly or bi-annual review instead. Most of my true favourites are staples and honestly sometimes there just aren’t that many new favourites discovered on a regularly monthly basis and I’d loath to squeeze some product in just to make a post. Now that I’m doing the Project 2×5 Pan there will perhaps be fewer new releases featured but more permanent items you can buy anytime. That’s even better isn’t it? None of that LE-rush-panic-omg-I-need-to-decide-right-now impulse purchase.


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