Majolica Majorca Cream de Cheeks

Majolica Majorca is a sub-brand under Shiseido, celebrating their 10th anniversary this year. It’s a range that can be difficult to get outside of Asia. They often have cute and girly packaging that makes you think of fairy tales and all that. I’ve only tried their famous Lash Expander mascara in the  past (I liked it) and I’ve heard good things about their eyeshadows. These little bottles of liquid blushes which they have named ‘Cream de Cheeks’ are part of their Circus Ecstasy collection released in 2012.

There are four colours available and I picked three (skipping Raspberry, which is the reddest).
From left to right in the picture: Custard Cream (OR313), Coral Cream (RD310) and Shell Pink Cream (PK312).

Each bottle contains 5.4ml of product. They are similar to nail polishes and come with a brush applicator like this:

The instructions say to shake the bottle before using (there’s a bead inside just like nail polishes) and apply the product onto the apple of the cheeks and blend with your fingers. 
Blending is easy but the result is sheer when all blended out. However this is a plus for me and I find that if I want a more pronounced result I just apply two to three dots instead of just one. I seem to get the best result blending in a circular motion instead of just patting and dabbing. 
The swatches:
L-R: Custard, Coral and Shell Pink
Although Custard is more orange and lacks the pink in Coral, the two can appear similar on the cheeks and you definitely don’t need both;
Shell Pink wasn’t a shade I was going to get but it turned out to be my favourite so far, giving a really girly flush.
Honestly I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the shades, however they are better suited to fairer ladies because of how sheer they can be. I haven’t tried to really build up the colour, nor (come to think of it) to use it on the lips either. Something to be explored.
I’m really happy with these, the texture is lovely with just the right consistency, a gel/cream formula and not sticky at all. The finish of the Cream de Cheeks is matte and very natural, and best of all they’re unscented. Even though they don’t last all day, the intensity of the colour fades leaving a trace, and stay that way for hours before completely disappearing. I am looking forward to testing the wear of these in summer.

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