Japanese Makeup Haul

And here’s the makeup haul. Unfortunately I can’t claim that they are purchased during a sale. I tend to buy a few more items than intended every time I’m paying for international shipping. 

1. Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara and Mascara remover set
2. KOJI Dollywink Eyebrow mascara in Cocoa
3. Fudetakumi Eyebrow liner in Grey
4. Coffret d’Or Smile Up Cheeks blush in Coral Pink
5-7. Majolica Majorca Cream de Cheeks in Shell Pink (5), Custard (6) and Coral Cream (7)

The blushers weren’t planned. I was putting a stop on blushers and my purchase from MAC’s Marilyn collection was supposed to be the last. But (there’s always a ‘but’) I reasoned the Majolica Majorca ones are liquid so don’t really count and I haven’t got anything like that. The Coffret d’Or though was something I intended to buy months ago but skipped, hoping I could get my paws on some Madina Milano blushers instead (that fell through). So that’s the story (excuse).

I’ve already tried a couple of the liquid blushes and swatched the Coffret d’Or so a review of those shouldn’t be too far away.

For those curious I bought these from an online shop who are based in Hong Kong and whose name begins with an ‘A’. This is not an endorsement, I’m not affiliated with them but I just want to say that I’ve had nothing but good experience with them and I’ve shopped with them right from the beginning when they just launched and when I was still living in the city. The website may not be very sleek looking but they are very trustworthy. Best of all they hardly mark up their prices, compared to what I would have been paying in a shop in Hong Kong anyway.



    1. I liked it. It did take a while to dry and it could be a little more long-lasting. Still it will outlast powders. The one I was sent however smelled a little funky and I assumed it’s older stock. Could be an isolated case. I do recommend it if you can find it, or try the ones from KIKO if you’re looking for a budget version. I noticed they have something very similar with a bigger selection of colours. HTH!

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