Winter Cleaning – Winnowed products in January

I’ve been using my Armani Eyes to Kill waterproof mascara for a while now and I know it’s finally time to say goodbye even if it’s not completely empty. Such is the pain that you need to accept if you choose a high-end mascara … Anyway this brought me to consult my inventory spreadsheet and I’ve winnowed some more products out that have past their prime in terms of their shelf-life. I’m fairly lenient on expiry dates, I keep track but might not necessarily follow it to the ‘T’ (especially regarding powder products). The ones to keep an eye on are of course mascara, then cream/liquid products, particularly ones that go on and near the eyes. I don’t use much lipgloss but I would probably put those close behind, especially if it has an applicator where you go back and forth from tube to lips instead of having a squeeze tube.

Some products here are really old … I’ve put them at the bottom of the post. I haven’t been using them, just never gotten round to dumping them. Now they can all go at the same time, with dignity and remembered by this winnowing post, ha.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Shore (#35)
For about a year I was using this religiously everyday on my eyelids as a base and to even out the skin tone on my lids. It’s started to dry out and I’ve actually stopped using it for a couple of months now. There are still a lot of product left as you can see but the texture is not the same. I thought the smell has gone a bit off as well but when compared to the two other shadows I bought around the same time, they actually share the same smell. The only difference is since I rarely use those two they are still very creamy.

Top: BB, Bottom: MAC

Replaced by: MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre.
Difference: MAC is lighter and slightly cooler in colour. The first layer seemed waxier but once that’s gone the actual product is very blendable. I think Shore is a better match colour-wise for me but honestly I just need to use a little less of Soft Ochre and blend it more to have a good result. A little goes a long way with both products, I have a feeling the paint pot has the same end waiting for him.

Top: Armani, Bottom: Dollywink

Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara (waterproof) in black
For me the regular one performs better. No complaints really with this mascara, you just need to turn the handle as you apply so you get the most out of the special brush shape. I’ve blogged briefly about this here.

Koji Dollywink Volume Mascara in black
I’ve enjoyed using this and particularly like the design of the brush with the tapered tip so I can get to the tiny lashes or areas I missed. It’s not clumpy but I did use a lash comb on occasions to help separate the lashes.

Replaced by: Guided by my inventory with what to replace my mascaras with and at the top of the list (oldest unopened purchase) is ettusais’ bi-ta-ba, which is a volumizing mascara. I’ve used up a tube of this in the past and their older versions before, and I like that it is a comb and not a brush. It’s quite wet and glossy going on but dries down and loses a bit of the sheen. It’s touted as water/sweat/sebum -proof. I drove in a drizzle on my scooter with water in and on my eyes. I thought for sure I had a disaster happening but the mascara stayed put and didn’t budge a bit. The comb ‘groups’ lashes at the roots and then fans them out, like fake eyelashes. It doesn’t weigh my lashes down.

Left: BB, Right: Clinique

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink (#1)
I bought this around the same time as the cream shadow (like 2 years … ) and again, with daily use, the pot has started to dry. It’s still usable, not crumbly or caked up or anything but I did find myself needing to use more product than before. I can probably get another year of use with what’s left in the pot but why risk it.
Replaced by: Clinique Brush-on Cream liner in True Black.
Difference: I compared the consistency with a new BB gel liner (bought last year at the same time as the Clinique) and Clinique’s is definitely wetter. The black is also deeper and richer. It also seems more resistant to smudging so far – it definitely survived my commute in the rain (see above), together with the mascara. With BB and MAC it’s not unusual that I get smudging under my eyes and when that happens it happens a lot faster than Clinique’s. I’ve come to accept that I have oily lids and not every smudge proof product will work on me. FYI: I tightline but do not do my waterline.
Now because it is wetter you need a steadier hand when applying. It is very pigmented and cleaning up whatever mistakes you made needs a little more time and effort than BB or MAC’s.
The only thing I don’t like about this is the narrow and deep opening – I prefer a wider one so I can easily dip my own brush in. Oh and toss the tiny brush that comes with it.
I’ve read nice things about YSL’s version and I hope to try that when I use this up (ha-ha) or it’s time to let it go.

SANA Make Essence Concealer (Light Yellow)
SANA ‘s Make Essence range has animal mascots with skin tone problems. This is the teddy bear one that worked well for me in minimising the look of dark circles. I wouldn’t call this a concealer – the consistency is too thin for that although you can apply more to build up coverage. It’s more of a colour correcting product, like green to counteract redness and violet for yellow. When I was using this I was using it mostly on its own without foundation.
Since you only need the teeniest amount, the small tube with 12g of product will last for years. I doubt I  have even used up 1/3rd of the tube despite daily use. I liked it when I was using it but I don’t miss it. Also while I don’t have the packaging anymore, I suspect it contains silicones. If you’re not bothered by that it’s definitely a product worth trying out.

Shiseido Maquillage Concealer Liquid (Natural)
I don’t think Maquillage sells this anymore. Even though the name says concealer it’s actually more of an eye brightener. Tt’s a click pen with brush tip and the product has fine shimmer in it to brighten up whatever area you wish, which in my case is the undereye area. It’s a decent product with very a light coverage that just gently evens out the skin tone a bit. The SANA one works better in camouflaging.

Replaced by: Cargo One Base in OB025
Difference: The Cargo is touted as a ‘Concealor & foundation in One’. It’s not as thick and opaque as the Shiseido Creamy Concealor, but in return it is easier to blend and more fool-proof than the Shiseido. Again I’m going mostly by the dates of purchase when choosing a replacement.

Shiseido Luminizing lip gloss in YE 505
A clear gloss you can put over a lipstick. This sounded like a good idea at the time but the truth is I hardly ever use it. I don’t know why I didn’t buy a coloured one instead …


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