Project 2 x 5 Pan

My rules:

1. No buy on makeup items until I hit pan on 5 makeup items. Doesn’t have to be empty but pan needs to be seen.
2. No buy on skin care items until I empty 5 skin care items.

– Carefully thought over, can’t-live-without LE items are allowed with restraint
– When 20% or more discount is on offer

And that’s the 2 x 5.

There. It’s official after this post. The ball is rolling and there’s no turning back on this project that’s been nagging me for the past year. I think 5 for each category is more realistic. I don’t want to be discouraged so early on, need to build me up some confidence first. One baby step at a time right?

And the empties in January won’t be counted. I’m quite proud of this because as you’ll see, there’s quite a bit this month.

I also have a confession: I made a small haul before decided to kick this off so there will still be one more post of a haul at least.

Meanwhile here are the only items I hit pan on in my life:

Left to Right:
Bobbi Brown eye shadow in Saddle (#61) – current brow powder, item is 2 years old.
NARS single eye shadow in Blondie – my previous brow powder, this could be *gulp* 10 years old …
Chanel Pureté Mat Shine Control Powder (#10) – I don’t know how I managed to hit pan on this TBH

I know it’s crazy how different in tone those 2 eyeshadows are. Somehow Blondie manage to work at the time. I do prefer Sable now, it’s a lot closer to my natural hair colour. My first one was actually Bobbi Brown’s Mahogany, back when the eyeshadows came in those round screw top pans. I never finished that one either, but it cracked to a million pieces when I dropped it in the bathroom.

Actually eye shadows used as brow powders are the only things I consistently hit pan on. I’ve also used up small brow powder palettes from Shiseido and PN (remember PN? Pieds Nus? Sub-brand of Shiseido, replaced by Maquillage I believe. They made some nice duo-chrome eye shadows).

I won’t include these items in the project of course, but if I do finish the Chanel up I will count it as a pan for makeup.

Doing a Project X Pan means that there will be less reviews of brand-spanking-new-just-released products. But I think we can look forward to in-depth reviews of permanent items that I’ll really get to know.


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