Month: January 2013

Japanese Makeup Haul

And here’s the makeup haul. Unfortunately I can’t claim that they are purchased during a sale. I tend to buy a few more items than intended every time I’m paying for international shipping. 

1. Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara and Mascara remover set
2. KOJI Dollywink Eyebrow mascara in Cocoa
3. Fudetakumi Eyebrow liner in Grey
4. Coffret d’Or Smile Up Cheeks blush in Coral Pink
5-7. Majolica Majorca Cream de Cheeks in Shell Pink (5), Custard (6) and Coral Cream (7)

The blushers weren’t planned. I was putting a stop on blushers and my purchase from MAC’s Marilyn collection was supposed to be the last. But (there’s always a ‘but’) I reasoned the Majolica Majorca ones are liquid so don’t really count and I haven’t got anything like that. The Coffret d’Or though was something I intended to buy months ago but skipped, hoping I could get my paws on some Madina Milano blushers instead (that fell through). So that’s the story (excuse).

I’ve already tried a couple of the liquid blushes and swatched the Coffret d’Or so a review of those shouldn’t be too far away.

For those curious I bought these from an online shop who are based in Hong Kong and whose name begins with an ‘A’. This is not an endorsement, I’m not affiliated with them but I just want to say that I’ve had nothing but good experience with them and I’ve shopped with them right from the beginning when they just launched and when I was still living in the city. The website may not be very sleek looking but they are very trustworthy. Best of all they hardly mark up their prices, compared to what I would have been paying in a shop in Hong Kong anyway.

Body Care Haul

A sneak peak of coming reviews. These are purchased before my Project 10 Pan promise, which is … going, that’s all I can say. Anyway, here is the body care haul:

From Yves Rocher, a brand I’m new to. I was told by someone who used to work for the brand that their creams are highly placed in blind-tests, that their textures compare favorably with higher end products. I tried a few in the store and was certainly impressed by a few. This haul was done online during the sales. 
1. Apple Delight duo: body scrub and silky body cream (I liked the texture of the silky cream in-store)
2. Nourishing Argan Balm
3. Oriental Velvety Skin scrub (GWP, I thought this was supposed to be a sample sized product!)
4. Nutri-Repair Treatment Shampoo (GWP)
5. Organic Oats Shower Gel
6. Moisturising Body Lotion with Aloe Vera
7. 24h Comfort Nourishing Day Cream (GWP)
8. Repair Lotion Extra Dry Skin
And that’s all! I’m still working on my existing stash so I haven’t touched any of these yet. The shower gel will probably be the first Yves Rocher product I try. 

January Empties

Astalift Eye Cream (15g)
Considering that I started the tube in July this item has lasted me quite a while. I haven’t bothered with eye creams before because I’ve used one tube too many that doesn’t do anything – and I don’t mean anti-age/wrinkles/fine lines etc type of promises, just basic moisturising. This eye cream moisturises well, I’ve noticed a difference definitely. And because of this the fine lines around the eyes look a little less intense than they did before. They’re still there mind (I don’t think there’s a cream out there that can erase them) but they look less crinkly. It would also help if I could learn to stop squinting and rubbing my eyes.

Repurchase? Yes

Chanel No. 5 Velvet Body Cream (6g) Sample
Can’t remember where I got this small jar from. I was sceptical but this turned out to be a very nice cream – texture is beautiful, very moisturising and the scent lingers the whole day. Seriously impressed with this, it’s a small luxury that I’ll consider indulging in the future. Something to look out for at the Duty Free when travelling. (more…)

Winter Cleaning – Winnowed products in January

I’ve been using my Armani Eyes to Kill waterproof mascara for a while now and I know it’s finally time to say goodbye even if it’s not completely empty. Such is the pain that you need to accept if you choose a high-end mascara … Anyway this brought me to consult my inventory spreadsheet and I’ve winnowed some more products out that have past their prime in terms of their shelf-life. I’m fairly lenient on expiry dates, I keep track but might not necessarily follow it to the ‘T’ (especially regarding powder products). The ones to keep an eye on are of course mascara, then cream/liquid products, particularly ones that go on and near the eyes. I don’t use much lipgloss but I would probably put those close behind, especially if it has an applicator where you go back and forth from tube to lips instead of having a squeeze tube.

Some products here are really old … I’ve put them at the bottom of the post. I haven’t been using them, just never gotten round to dumping them. Now they can all go at the same time, with dignity and remembered by this winnowing post, ha.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Shore (#35)
For about a year I was using this religiously everyday on my eyelids as a base and to even out the skin tone on my lids. It’s started to dry out and I’ve actually stopped using it for a couple of months now. There are still a lot of product left as you can see but the texture is not the same. I thought the smell has gone a bit off as well but when compared to the two other shadows I bought around the same time, they actually share the same smell. The only difference is since I rarely use those two they are still very creamy.


Project 2 x 5 Pan

My rules:

1. No buy on makeup items until I hit pan on 5 makeup items. Doesn’t have to be empty but pan needs to be seen.
2. No buy on skin care items until I empty 5 skin care items.

– Carefully thought over, can’t-live-without LE items are allowed with restraint
– When 20% or more discount is on offer

And that’s the 2 x 5.

There. It’s official after this post. The ball is rolling and there’s no turning back on this project that’s been nagging me for the past year. I think 5 for each category is more realistic. I don’t want to be discouraged so early on, need to build me up some confidence first. One baby step at a time right?

And the empties in January won’t be counted. I’m quite proud of this because as you’ll see, there’s quite a bit this month.

I also have a confession: I made a small haul before decided to kick this off so there will still be one more post of a haul at least.

Meanwhile here are the only items I hit pan on in my life:

Left to Right:
Bobbi Brown eye shadow in Saddle (#61) – current brow powder, item is 2 years old.
NARS single eye shadow in Blondie – my previous brow powder, this could be *gulp* 10 years old …
Chanel Pureté Mat Shine Control Powder (#10) – I don’t know how I managed to hit pan on this TBH

I know it’s crazy how different in tone those 2 eyeshadows are. Somehow Blondie manage to work at the time. I do prefer Sable now, it’s a lot closer to my natural hair colour. My first one was actually Bobbi Brown’s Mahogany, back when the eyeshadows came in those round screw top pans. I never finished that one either, but it cracked to a million pieces when I dropped it in the bathroom.

Actually eye shadows used as brow powders are the only things I consistently hit pan on. I’ve also used up small brow powder palettes from Shiseido and PN (remember PN? Pieds Nus? Sub-brand of Shiseido, replaced by Maquillage I believe. They made some nice duo-chrome eye shadows).

I won’t include these items in the project of course, but if I do finish the Chanel up I will count it as a pan for makeup.

Doing a Project X Pan means that there will be less reviews of brand-spanking-new-just-released products. But I think we can look forward to in-depth reviews of permanent items that I’ll really get to know.