Hits and Misses of 2012 – The Misses

You may have noticed I didn’t do a favourites post in November. One of the reasons was that there weren’t any particular standouts, and the other was it would be less redundant if I were to consolidate it to make a favourites of the year post.

But what are hits without misses? I always find ‘Misses’ more interesting to read on blogs. I have a tendency to spend my time writing about products I like than those that I find lackluster, unless they are at the same time really bad and cost a lot or hyped about. So for once, and in no particular order, here are the products that disappointed, that didn’t work and that I’m pretty sure won’t find their way again under my roof. Not all of the products are 2012 releases, nonetheless they are what I discovered and purchased in 2012. Here they are, the Misses of 2012, or alternatively, ‘Products I won’t repurchase’:

Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moistursizer SPF 20

I actually bought this by mistake – I wanted the radiance primer instead. The shade I have is ‘Natural Radiance’. It’s not the best match but it doesn’t really matter because it’s way too shimmery on, the finish is too dewy and just doesn’t look natural. Believe me I tried to make it work, I did. Like by mixing a drop of it with a moisturiser for example. It didn’t help much as whatever shimmer they are using is very potent and stays obvious. Plus it defeats the purpose of a ready-to-go tinted moisturiser. I shouldn’t need to add moisturiser nor a foundation to this for it to work.
If this is meant to be used in certain areas like cheekbones and whatnot, then it should be marketed as a highlighter. I certainly can’t use this as a standalone product as it looks like the glitter fairy pooped on me.

Labello Fruity Shine lip balm with SPF 10

I bought 2 of these, one in Cherry and the other Grenadine. These are tinted lip balms, I guess they would be similar to the tinted Maybelline Baby Lips stuff, a product that’s still inaccessible to me and thereby was one of the reasons that pushed me towards the purchase. I thought they might make a good substitute.
They aren’t so bad really, the colour I got from Cherry is a nice natural red tint. They put a very subtle silver glitter in the mix for the ‘shine’ part but it’s unnoticeable on the lips. The scent is tolerable plus it has SPF. The only problem is they aren’t moisturising at all. I would apply and in 10 minutes my lips would feel dry. I check in the mirror and they look parched and all the colour pools into the lines of the lips … Maybe it’s the heating at work (too drying), maybe it’s too cold outside (again too drying) but this fails spectacularly in its main function as a lip balm. Shame really because it got the bells and whistles right. Maybe this is a summer lip balm??

Maybelline Baby Lips

Another purchase by mistake as I thought these are the tinted ones … But given this experience I don’t think I will get those when they eventually show up on our shores. These aren’t moisturising enough for my lips either, but at least they don’t try my lips out as quickly as the Labello. On second thought I haven’t used it since summer so who knows. I’m not tempted to try and see though. I haven’t opened the others but I hated the scent of the berry one, it’s way too artificial and chemical. Perhaps I’m too old for these, as for the Labello.
Revlon Colorstay Smoky Shadow Stick
I like the idea of this, 2 long-lasting eyeshadow colours in one handy pencil, this colour combination looks really practical as well. The problem I have with this is it smudged badly on me. I also somehow managed to break both of the tips whilst struggling to open the plastic film seal and pulling the cap. One after the other. To add insult to injury drugstore stuff aren’t cheap here (these are almost 15 euros) and whatever I broke off was probably half of the 1.9g of product in there.

Nuxe Body Long-lasting Deodorant

I wanted to try a natural aluminium free deodorant but this one just didn’t work for me. It smells fine when I apply it but somehow the scent changes when it’s at work. This newly evolved scent combined with actual sweat accentuates the act of sweating – it’s like a loud-speaker for perspiration. My underarms were practially screaming ‘Hey check this out! It’s so hot we’re sweating! HAHAHAHA’. It’s scent is badly camouflaged sweat. Like you know someone hasn’t showered in days and just sprayed a cheap perfume on that kind of thing. This is my first dud product from Nuxe.

Yves Saint Laurent Pure Chromatics eyeshadow quad

At this moment this is a near-miss, I think there’s still potential in there if I dig around. But the fact remains that I haven’t touched it since I blogged about it, and I’m always bugged by a tinge of disappointment whenever I see the quad.
At the time of purchase it was the most expensive quad I splurged on (should have bought it in Paris where it’s cheaper) but that place is now taken by the karl by shu eyeshadow palette. For it to underperform that much at this price point really made a bad impression on me. I doubt I will buy another one of these when I know my money is probably better spent on something like Armani’s Eyes to Kill or other solid performers I know I can count on.

Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel Sable Beige (Summer LE)

This is the most disappointing product and the biggest miss of 2012 for me. Six months ago I was debating between Dior’s bronzer and Chanel’s. Wisely I decided to go with Dior but ultimately caved and bought Sable Beige as well because … I had a discount I wanted to take advantage of, plus there was a sprinkle of that LE curse. *sigh* I should have listened to my own advice. It’s one of those products that looks better on paper (marketing) than on application. I’m sure there are fans out there but it really underwhelmed me.I hope you guys enjoyed reading my list of duds, please share what yours are too!


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