Happy New Year!

2012 flew by. I went through changes in work and personal life, met some nice and fun people and did some memorable travels. I’m not one to make resolutions but I think some makeup resolutions would be ok. It would be fun at least to review them at the end of the next new year.

1. Start a Project X pan
I’ve been mulling over this for a long time now. I have no excuse not to start, except of course for all the new products that are to come in 2013 – I see pictures of Spring collections already … it’s a little crazy isn’t it? But I do need to use up some of my stash, especially the older ones. The monthly empties post provides the motivation I need so far. It is quite a feeling of accomplishment when I use something up, especially when it’s not skincare!

For powder products I will be happy if I just hit pan. So one blush and one powder foundation. I’m not going to include eyeshadows because that’s just impossible for me.

2. Be more selective with makeup purchases
Related to the above of course, and it’s something I’ve started doing already. I just need to focus and not be tempted by the LE label. I’m lucky I haven’t really been bitten by the MAC bug. Chanel is quick on their heels though it seems …

3. Sunscreen
Confession: I haven’t been putting any on since winter since I hardly spend much time outside anyway.

4. Stop picking
By that I mean spots. It’s a bad habit I need to break.

5. Actually wear my red lipsticks
Instead of just admiring them. And wear them during the day if I feel like it.

6. Give some TLC to my skin & hair
I’m turning 35 in 2013, not a big deal really but it’s a good time to really start taking care of my skin and my hair. All that makeup is not going to do much if the foundation is bad right? As for my hair, I’ve cut my long locks earlier this year and while it’s been a cinch to wash and dry, I wash it everyday because I wake up with lucky troll hair every morning. I need a solution for this as all that washing and heating isn’t good.

7. Try Patyka
I’ve always to try their products and I should take advantage of the fact that I’m in France when I do it. This of course has to wait until I’ve finished all my skincare stash …

8. Use my eyeshadows, especially the palettes
Enough said.

9. Regularly wash my makeup brushes
I’m not so bad at this really but some in-between washing periods are longer than others. Either I get better at the schedule or really start using a product to spot clean them after usage.

And lastly,
10. Blog frequently and regularly
This is going to be a real challenge but I promise I’ll try 🙂

Happy new year everyone!


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