Merry Christmas!

Work has been keeping me away from blogging. I still have to go to work today but will thankfully get two days to rest tomorrow and the day after. I hope to have the blog updated sometime between our belated Christmas celebration and dinner and recovering from the madness at work during the holidays. So glad the end is almost here!

Wishing you all a very happy holiday (for those that are on holidays) and a very enjoyable festive season. This is perhaps my favourite time of the year in Paris. Paris has always been more beautiful at night but come end of November to early December when they’ve put up the lights and decorations it really shimmers. They have an enormous Christmas tree this year near the end of the Tuileries garden not far from the ferris wheel. I still haven’t visited it yet – only saw it on route to work and back. Hopefully with some time off me and the man can do some walks around town and enjoy the last of the Christmas atmostphere before everything gets taken down.

Just one week before 2013 is here. Woohoo.


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