Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill 4 Colour Eyeshadow Palette

Some time ago I had this inexplicable determination to get some grey-toned eyeshadows, preferably matte if possible but it’s negotiable. I was very close to getting NARS duo in Brumes, but jumped ship at the last moment. Then I saw the preview pictures of the Armani quads and #1 Maestro got me excited – it looked like something that fitted the bill. I waited for the quads to be released here and then waited a little longer for reviews to come online and then some more, hoping to catch a Sephora -20% offer (I did). I was all ready to go … until I saw the preview pictures of the Burberry quads, #1 Smokey Grey in particular.

In the end I got the Armani simply because I was too impatient to wait for Burberry’s release here.

shaded lighting; colours more accurate in this picture
direct light
2 x 2g plus 2 x 1 g = 6g product total.

I’ve had this quad for a while now and have used it a few times. The colours are pretty subtle although of course you can layer on for more impact. You get a classy and polished look from this quad.

The shades you get are a matte black, a matte blue-toned pigeon grey, a shimmery silver and a shimmery pale golden beige. As expected the shimmery shades are easier to work with than the matte ones, but all the shades are easy to blend. I didn’t need another matte black as I already have one in a NARS palette, and I still think they make the best matte black I’ve seen so far.

Now when I swatched the tester at the counter the shadows were soft and very pigmented. However mine is unfortunately harder and I find it difficult to grab the colour with my fingers… no problems with a brush though. It’s a little disappointing but this could be a blessing in disguise, since I’m not that skilled with eyeshadows. But yes, I do wish it’s as soft and as pigmented as the displayed one. Still, there’s no regret, I think the four shades are well chosen, they work seamlessly together and are easy to blend. This quad gives an effect that is subtle and put-together. This was my chosen quad when I had a dressy evening dinner to go to and I paired it with red lips (Ellis Faas 101).

I do like the packaging of the quad though. It has a magnetic closure, the weight of the compact is solid without being heavy. There’s a second tier under the shadows hiding 2 sponge applicators. I haven’t used those but they are handy to have and it’s a good way to tuck them away without them moving around and you know they won’t fall out even if you happen to hold the compact upside down. I prefer this packaging to Burberry’s.

And no I haven’t forgotten about Burberry’s quads, and from the swatches I see online and eventually at the counter in person I can say that Armani is cool-toned and Burberry’s is warmer. They both have a matte black and grey; Burberry has a shimmery grey and silver. It looks like Burberry’s are softer and more pigmented. However I have read conflicting reviews between the quad’s quality and the quality of their single shadows. I thought the quads might be a good way to try Burberry’s shadows but I might spring for a single if I do decide to get one in the future.

You don’t need both quads and I’ll probably go by your preference for warmer or cooler toned shades first. If that’s not a factor consider if you prefer a slightly more dramatic look with your shadows, or if you plan on doing mostly smokey eyes with the shades. In that case go with Burberry. I say that because you can only get a good smokey look with the two darker matte shades in the Armani quad and it’s probably not as cost efficient. NARS Brumes is still a beautiful duo and it’s one with great colour payoff. It’s not a straight up grey duo though – there’s a smokey navy in there. But it’s worth considering if you’re someone who likes smouldering smokey eyes.


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