Holiday Haul & Thoughts on the Collections

So the Christmas collections are all here finally and while I may have been busy I have made time to do some shopping. Here are my selections:
Top row, left to right: 
Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill 4 Color Shadow Palette in #1 Maestro, Dior Diorific lipstick in #037 Diorling, YSL Boréal Palette Polar Light
Bottom row, left to right:
shu uemura karl for shu smoky velvet palette, Bourjois BB Cream 8 in 1 foundation, Chanel polish in 637 Malice
They are all limited edition items, apart from the Bourjois foundation. Detailed reviews will come soon, and Maestro palette will be the first since I got it a few weeks ago and have had the time to use it.
I might have mentioned it before, if I haven’t at least I have been telling myself the same thing over and over again: I don’t really need more makeup, I don’t have a lot but definitely enough. So I have decided the strategy now is more on ‘curating a better collection’. And I will always try to find reasons to negate a purchase. Surprisingly (and happily) it usually works. I have yet to start my Project X Pan though, haha. Anyway, the holidays don’t help because almost everything is LE and they are all so pretty. But I do think I exercised my restraint and am happy with how I’ve resisted so many other items! The following aren’t reviews, just my thoughts on the items I ended up home with and their corresponding collection in general. It’s similar to my ‘Hit & Runs’ 🙂
photo from Dior website
Dior – Grand Bal Collection:
A very strong collection from Dior. Beautiful packaging for the polishes. The 24K gold leaf temporary tattoos are stunning. Luckily I have no special occasions to wear them and managed to walked away without looking back.
Resisted: Eye shadow quints & nail polishes
Caved: Lipstick in Diorling
Dark horse: Diorshow waterproof liner in gold
Lord knows I don’t need another red lipstick but I don’t have a medium red like Diorling. The purchase was ‘helped’ by the fact that it was sold out (temporarily?) at Galeries Lafayette. I felt this sudden determination to get it.
photo from YSL website
Yves Saint Laurent – Boréal Collection
Instead of the usual reds and golds, YSL distinguishes itself with the Northen Lights collection with icy blues and silver. It is easy to miss this collection which I feel is sometimes lost amongst the other more festive colours from other brands. I wasn’t really drawn to it until I swatched the highlighter. Much as I like blues, they just don’t work on my complexion.
Caved: Polar Light highlighter
Dark horse: … maybe the gold pot gel liner? Or I may simply have a weakness for gold liners.
I have Kevyn Aucoin’s Candlelight and various others in liquid/cream form. But gosh, Polar light is a stunner and I just couldn’t resist nor talk myself out of it. It applies more subtle on the face.
photo from shu uemura website
Shu Uemura – Karl Lagerfeld
I was very sceptical and when the first promotional pictures hit the web I thought the whole collection and campaign was gimmicky and quickly forgot about it. Mon shu girl is also scary looking. But then I walked by the counter and for once was free to swatch everything and well …
Resisted: LE curler
Caved: smoky velvet palette
Dark horse: TSUYA skin UV underbase mousse
The shadows are buttery soft and the colours complement each other so well. I justified this purchase because I don’t have anything similar at home. The blush shade is the same pan size as the shadows though so it will be tricky to pick it up with a proper brush.
Interestingly enough the palette is made in Korea, not Japan.
photo from Chanel website

Chanel – Eclats du Soir

Red and gold from Chanel as well but I think Dior beat them this year. Nothing screamed at me apart from Malice. Their new permanent releases (like the 4 new blushes) are more exciting.
Caved: Nail polish in Malice
Dark horse: Eye shadow duo in Nuit Claire
I like dark red polishes and the micro shimmers in Malice makes it special enough for me to get it.

The Armani Eyes to Kill quad isn’t part of their holiday collection so I’ll talk more about it in my review instead of here. Same goes with the Bourjois BB cream foundation. I was told by the lady she only got them a few days ago, along with the new lipsticks Rouge Editions (18 new shades!). Their Christmas collection is called Paris Blue Moonlight and features blues and silvers.

As for the rest of the holiday stuff, I managed to say no to Bobbi Brown and Guerlain, and am only still tempted by Laura Mercier’s kohl eyeliner coffret (49 euros). I wish we too have crazy online Black Friday etc sales like they do in the US …

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