Beauty Counters Hit and Run

Beauty Counters Hit and Run

Not all the holiday collections have been released here in France. Notably missing is Chanel’s, although the four new Joues Contraste are pretty exciting. They are now on Sephora France website and are permanent!

Nails – I swatched a couple of nail polishes at Sephora. I actually wanted to check Chanel’s Malice but well it’s not out yet. So I did the black shimmery one from Dior’s Grand Bal collection, called Diva. The shimmers are fine, sophisticated and evenly distributed. The polish was also easy to apply. But I didn’t find Diva glossy or shiny enough for my liking. I applied two coats and unfortunately it looked rather flat despite the shimmers.

The other one was Black Iris from Estee Lauder and I was far more impressed with this than Diva. I found this even easier to apply than Dior’s and it comes with a beautiful glossy finish. With two coats, the colour is a deep, and very dark violet. The man commented it’s just a black to him. You can see the purple under the right kind of light but I have to agree it looks almost black.

I’m now lemming OPI’s shade Skyfall, a beautiful cream maroon.

Coffrets – Saw a few of these and was reminded that Christmas is just around the corner. Nuxe and Caudalie has put together some very nice coffrets, and for those who’ve always wanted to try their products these are a bargain. I didn’t take any photos at the store but I found photos of them online:

The Nuxe set has the Huile Prodigieuse (full sized, 100ml), a small candle of the same scent, a sample bottle of their shimmery version of the oil and a 40ml tube of the Creme Prodigieuse. I found these for just under 25 euros on the internet but they tend to cost more at the stores. The second set is Caudalie’s interpretation of a dry oil, the Huile Divine and you get a 50ml bottle of that, plus a candle and a body scrub. This could be had for 20 euros.
I have blogged about both of these oils before and like them both. Both brands have come out with many different coffrets, these are just two that I think will be of most interest. I actually picked up a shower gel and perfume set for around 20 euros, and will do a separate post on that later.

Burberry – I’m still looking for the eyeshadow quads, they don’t seem to be available yet. The brand is only available in the big Galeries Lafayettes near Opera and it’s a trip I don’t enjoy making because not only is the shop always packed with people the commute to get there on road is equally plagued with bumper to bumper traffic most of the time. I asked the lady at the counter if she knew anything about them and wasn’t surprised that the answer was no.

In other related news, I took advantage of a 20% discount on Sephora’s website and ordered the Armani Eyes to Kill quad in Maestro. Before you think that’s a big discount, the quads are priced at 63 euros here and the discount just meant I saved on the sales tax, and it is still more expensive than the RRP elsewhere in the world and is nothing like the deals fellow beauty lovers in the US could enjoy. The only time I shop at Sephora is when I have a 20% discount code either online or at the shop, and if it’s for the latter I will head to the one on Champs Elysees because they have all the brands, including MAC! But I fear they will pull out of Sephora once their own flagship opens on the Champs (the construction panel outside said Christmas 2012 – but we all know renovations/constructions are never on time here, so there’s hope still).

Anyway I had wanted to compare Maestro with Burberry’s grey quad before making the purchase but I was too impatient. It’s on my way to me now and I will report once I have my paws on it 🙂


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