October Empties

I’m disappointed that I didn’t have many empties for October, and as is the usual case with me, they are all body or face products. Here they are anyway:

Glysomed Handcreme (50ml)
I have been a fan of their hand cream for a while when I first tried it many years back but it wasn’t widely available outside of Canada then. I spotted these in Hong Kong when I was there during the summer and picked a couple of them up. They make a scented and unscented version of these. I’ve only ever tried the scented ones but when I used this again after a break of maybe 2 years I thought it was perhaps too strongly perfumed. I was using hand creams that were either unscented or only just mildly so in between so it was a little of a shock. But I guess it was just a matter of getting used to it as it didn’t bother me again after the first couple of times.
Made in Germany, it ‘contains a unique blend of Glycerine-Silicone and Camomile’, and they suggest using it on areas like elbows and feet as well.
The formula is still one of the best for dry, rough hands. It can be a little greasy upon application but it does absorb well and leaves you with wonderful soft and protected hands afterwards.

Repurchase? Yes, but perhaps the unscented version (which I’m using at the moment)

La Roche-Posay Physiological Shower Gel (750ml)
This is a soap and paraben free shower gel. It has a mild smell, like a dish washing detergent actually. That sounds bad but it’s not offensive and doesn’t get in the way of anything. It is very gentle and does its job well. It does contain SLS though for those who are concerned. This is no-frills shower gel that is cheap (7.50 euros IIRC) and lasted a long time.

Repurchase? Certainly wouldn’t mind it given the price and quality, but I do prefer a scented product in the shower.

La Roche-Posay Toleriane (40ml)
Another month and another LRP Toleriane. I have talked about this before so I won’t go into it again. This is my last tube of Toleriane stocked up and I’m going to finish my stockpiled Oilatum and Embryolisse before going back to this again. I wish they sell larger tubes of this instead of the small 40ml size.

Repurchase? Yes.


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