L’Oreal Shine Caresse – Juliet

picture from L’Oreal’s website

My Juliet turned up the other day, I thought I had lost it but it was actually placed inside my knitting kit – who knew. Anyway I’m glad to have found it and can finally do a post on this as I have wanted to for so long!

The Shine Caresse from L’Oreal are dupes of the YSL Glossy Stains. And they are pretty darn good for a dupe. They both share a similar fruity, floral scent and leave a stain on the lips as the product wears off. Shine Caresse comes in 8 colours, I got Juliet (#300) but I was equally tempted by Lolita (#101), which is a rose. They are around 14-15 euros each, not that cheap for a drugstore product but then again most of the drugstore stuff here are kind of pricey compared to the US. Mascaras are around 12-14 euros IIRC??

I wanted to compare the two but the only Glossy Stain I have from YSL is #9, which is a warm red whereas Juliet is cool. Nonetheless I hope this will give you an idea of the similarities/differences between the two products. For a better comparison, check out the French blog Kleo Beaute. She really nailed the colour comparison.

Here are my pictures:

Both contain the same amount of product, 6ml. The YSL is more heavy than the L’Oreal and you can see how much of product you have left in the tube with the transparent viewer. 

L: L’Oreal, R: YSL

L’Oreal’s applicator has a hole in the middle and is more flexible whereas YSL’s is solid and firmer.

Onto the swatches. The top is YSL #9 and bottom is L’Oreal Juliet. 
There is one swipe of the Shine Caresse in the left photo, and 2 swipes of the same to intensify the swatch in the second photo. Only 1 swipe of YSL in both pictures.


As you can see the YSL is a lot more intense and opaque with just one swipe. The L’Oreal applicator doesn’t pick up as much product in one go and wasn’t completely opaque even after I went back to apply more product.

The stains after I wiped them with tissue:


Here you can see the tonal difference between the two reds. As I’ve mentioned in the beginning of the post they are not in the same family of reds at all. L’Oreal stained much more than the YSL at this instance.

I think the L’Oreal is perhaps more forgiving in terms of application. You don’t get a heavy dose of colour with the first application but a nice tinted wash instead. You can then decide to go back and apply more or let it be. Because the applicator isn’t loaded you don’t have to be as careful as you would have to be with the YSL. I wore this to the movies today with only one swipe and it left a nice stain on my lips that stayed through coffee afterwards. It wore very comfortably and didn’t feel like I had anything on.

YSL wins on colour payoff for sure. It is intense and lives up to its name in terms of glossiness. I didn’t find the Shine Caresse as glossy/shiny. You just need to use more care to apply it to your lips because of the saturation of colour (you don’t want to make any mistakes).

I think this is a case of you get what you pay for. The Glossy Stains delivers all its promises and will give you long-lasting shine and colour for 29 euros. For half the price though, you can have a similar experience with L’Oreal’s Shine Caresse, but know that the colour won’t be as intense and the effect not as shiny. I know that for some people (myself included) or at certain times, these are actually pluses. The L’Oreal seems to be slightly more wearable on a daily basis – I don’t usually wear a red during the day but I felt completely ok with Juliet precisely because it is a toned down red from the tube. I know I wouldn’t be able to swipe the YSL #9 red in 2 seconds before running out the door and wear it in broad daylight without feeling slightly uneasy. I’m still working on my courage to wear a bright red anytime of the day!


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