Is Turbulent back at Chanel?

I apologise for the lack of swatches and the general quality of the pictures in this post. But I saw these new blushers at the Chanel counter when I was in Sephora the other day and was determined to have photographic evidence of their existence.

These are part of Chanel’s new releases, along with the tube Perfection Lumiere concealers you see on the left. What caught my attention was the neon pink shade on the top right. Here is a photo I took with the lid open:

The bottom 2 shades are Malice and Rouge
It is called ‘Ultra Rose’ and while it looks like a pale pink in this bad photo (crisscrossed with shadows from the open lid no less), make no mistake – it is a neon pink. The first photo is more accurate for the shade. The first thought that crossed my mind was: This is Turbulent!! The limited edition neon pink blush from around 6 years ago. I know many will be thrilled to have it in their hands, especially at retail price and not the outrageous inflated ones on the bay – if you find it. 
Here is my Turbulent:
Turbulent is numbered 53. Then again if Chanel has indeed renamed it to Ultra Rose it would make sense to have a new number assigned to a new name.
I haven’t read anything about this release from the blogs I frequent so I’m not sure if we are just the first ones to get them in Europe, if it is a limited release, or if they are permanent/LE items. I’m sorry I really don’t have the information.
The shades are on the French Chanel website, but with no indication whether they are LE (so there’s hope!) They aren’t on, who are usually good with telling whether anything is LE. But here are the four shades pulled from the official site:
Ultra Rose
Rouge may also be the same shade released last year as part of the Byzance Collection. I think Malice is new, don’t know about Tumulte. But if that is indeed Turbulent reborn, we have at least 2 shades that were limited editions re-released here. I’m afraid I can’t really confirm if that is Turbulent but I did swatch it on the back of my hand and it is intense with exceptional colour payoff in one swipe. Colour was true to pan. But even if it isn’t exactly the same shade, Ultra Rose is still a blush worth looking at. It’s not often that Chanel releases a shade like so (the same goes for Rouge). For those who were looking for a bright pink along the lines of NARS Gaiety, take a look at Ultra Rose.
I’m really excited by these even though I won’t be buying any lol. I’ll try to pop by the counters again and find out more and will edit the post if I do find anything out.
ETA: A lady at the Chanel counter at Printemps told me they are here to stay.

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