Small Update

Apologies for the lack of posts recently, I just started a new job (and career path!). Whereas I was comfortably hidden and laboured in the back before, I now work directly with customers at the front of the house. My work schedule is irregular, and just to make things even more interesting I am in a battle with the new pair of heels given to everyone as part of the uniform for the past few days. My feet just aren’t made for standing/walking in these shoes for 8 hours a day and my feet are in pain ever since I started the job. One of the errands I need to do today is to pick up even more insoles and shoe ‘cushions’ to make them more bearable.

While I haven’t had time to post I did manage to catch up on the new releases through other beauty blogs. My new workplace is on the Champs-Elysees, and I’m not too far from Sephora. I made some time before work yesterday to check out the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill eyeshadow quads. I have my eye on Maestro now (the grey palette), although the price tag is quite hefty at 63 euros. I haven’t forgotten about the soon-to-come Burberry eyeshadow quads, so perhaps I’ll wait another week until November and do a comparison. Although I have a feeling I’ll probably get the grey from Armani and a neutral one from Burberry.

Meanwhile I have been wanting to post a comparison post of the L’oreal Infallible liquid Shine Caresse lipstick (YSL glossy stain dupe) for a while but for some reason the lipstick disappeared after the man did a bit of tidying at home … so I’m afraid I can’t do anything until I find it again 😦  They cost about 14 euros and I’m reluctant to buy a replacement just for a post because it’s not that cheap really for a drugstore brand. I picked up the colour ‘Juliet’, which is a red.

We also finally got the Revlon just bitten kissable lipstains about a month ago on our shores. I passed at first but am now thinking about the shade ‘Crushed’.

October is coming to an end (already). I’ll have a bit of time the next couple of days to update the blog, which I’m really looking forward to do because I have lots of ideas and thoughts to share with you all.

Thanks for being patient!


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