Dior 5 Colour Eyeshadow – Secret Charm

I thought I’d do a post on this because it’s probably the prettiest eyeshadow quint I own and one of the most colourful. I have no copies in my (smallish) eyeshadow collection that resembles the shades found in this quint (apart from the top right shade).

This is my first and so far still the only eyeshadow quint from Dior. It is called Secret Charm and was released in 2006:

Two darker shades, a duo-chrome olive/khaki/brown and a vivd royal purple. Picture doesn’t do the purple justice, it has a little more red and looks velvety … think Prince.
Two highlights, the middle icy blue and the top right silvery lavender (it looks too pink in the photo). These two have a silver overlay that disappears when used. You can see this on the ‘CD’ in the middle where the overlay is gone.
Last is a bright, light blue. There are 6g of product total.

Here’s a closer look at the duo-chrome shade:

Swatches (lightly):

I tried to find other purples:

L-R: Dior, MAC Top Hat, NARS Demon Lover

But as you can see they look nothing alike.

Ok prior to checking on the web just before posting I didn’t really believe this was a limited edition item. Sure I was told this was LE when I bought it, but I just kept seeing it everywhere long after and thought the lady misinformed me intentionally to help make a sale (yah it worked). I think I saw it still on display in Hong Kong just this summer, and elsewhere in Paris last month. Who knows.


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