Thursday Blathers

Again publishing this on a Friday.

If you like Burberry eyeshadows and wish they came in convenient palettes, mark your calendar for November and take a gander at this and this

I’m a bit torn by this. Just last month I finally talked myself out of getting any Burberry shadows even though I really like their texture and shades. But I know I won’t finish any eyeshadows in my lifetime so the argument about price per gram being similar to MAC or whatever is moot to me, I simply don’t need that much eyeshadow in a single colour. I happily used the same reasoning for the Lancome Hypnose shadows, and managed to walk away from it all. And now they do this! Burberry eye palettes! I’m finding them hard to resist (Dark Spice and Smokey Grey) and I don’t even wear eyeshadows often … 
I’m glad they chose November – at least it’s closer to Christmas to be justified it as a present for the holidays. 

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