Closing the Book with The Perfect Cheek

* Edited to add a missed blush in matte

The MAC x Marilyn Monroe collection launched officially today. In Paris it has been on ‘avant-premiere’ for a week at Printemps, which I only found out yesterday so naturally I waited. There’s only one item I wanted and it’s the re-promote blush in The Perfect Cheek.

Although it’s buildable, The Perfect Cheek is probably more suited to fair to medium skintones (for fear of not showing on darker ladies). It is a dusty, powder pink [The colour above is way too peachy and warm]. It looks pretty neutral on me, the applied effect is a very natural, warmth to the cheeks. I’m trying very hard to write this without being influenced by the name of this blush… maybe the ranges that have numerical names are onto something. This is my first MAC blush in  their Matte formula. It’s not my favourite out of all my blushes but to be honest I don’t complain much about textures of a powdered face product unless they are really too dry/powdery/chalky. It is very easy to blend but I do need to apply a little more to get the colour to show. I’m a C3 in MAC Face and Body foundation.

I like this little lipstick print on the inside of the box. I actually took the blush out from the other end and only saw it when I opened the ‘right way’ to put it back in. A nice surprise and thoughtful detail in the packaging:

There are two blushes in this collection, the other one is Legendary, which is also a light coloured blush but in MAC’s Satin formula. I passed because I want a matte and didn’t even swatch it at the store. But the LE panic got me when I arrived home and I suddenly felt the need to look at swatches and reviews online, if only to find a reason not to get it. Luckily I remember my Fleur de Lotus and I know that even if they’re not at all similar I will still reach for FdL more than Legendary for the texture, quality and colour.

I’ve been on a matte blush binge lately. My organisation of the stash had me realising that almost all my blushes are shimmery (and in the peaches/coral family), I think it will be handy to have a few mattes. These are the mattes I have:

1. Illamasqua Hussy (bright coral pink)
2. MAC Gingerly (neutral terracotta brown)
3. NARS Amour (berry coral)
4. Cargo Catalina (bright cotton candy pink)
5. MAC Her Blooming Cheek (fuschia)

And now for the fifth sixth – I have The Perfect Cheek.  I completely forgotten about Her Blooming Cheek and I’m editing the post to add that. Here are pictures of all the 5 mattes. They all pull a little too warm on my camera unfortunately:

L-R: NARS Amour, Illamasqua Hussy, MAC The Perfect Cheek, Cargo Catalina, MAC Gingerly
And here’s The Perfect Cheek and Her Blooming Cheek. HBC is A LOT brighter but this is a more accurate colour of The Perfect Cheek:

Swatches on paper in sunlight (without HBC):

L-R: NARS Amour, Ilamasqua Hussy, MAC The Perfect Cheek, Cargo Catalina, MAC Gingerly

Swatches on paper with HBC, indoor lighting:

L-R: MAC Her Blooming Cheek, NARS Amour, Illamasqua Hussy, MAC The Perfect Cheek, Cargo Catalina, MAC Gingerly

Her Blooming Cheek is a Satin formula, same as Legendary. I’ve always categorised it as a matte shade  though because that is how it applies. Temptalia did comment on the sheen finish you get with Legendary so perhaps it is not like other Satins? Her swatches is the reason I thought of Fleur de Lotus (coral pink).

This will be my last blush purchase, in 2012 for sure and with luck perhaps for a long time. I have enough blushes to last me for years and there’s nothing I want more than to see pan in at least one of them. I hear a Project 10 Pan calling.


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