I’m supposed to stick with the simplest of skin care, hence the range of hypo-allergic products I’m using from La Roche-Posay. But I can’t help being sneaky because this all gets really boring after a while and I really want to try Astalift. I’ve had these products for a while but didn’t want to post anything until I’ve really used them and I feel that I’m ready to talk about them now.

from Astalift website

The Story
Astalift is a range of skincare and makeup (only base makeup at the moment) launched in Japan in 2007 from FUJIFILM Beauty. The technology is based on the know-how FUJIFILM has acquired in the preservation of film throughout the years, a medium that contains a lot of collagen, like our skin.

The word ‘Asta’ in the brand name is derived from Astaxanthin, a natural antioxidant that is the main ingredient in the range and also the source of the red/orange colour of the products. ‘Lift’ refers to the products’ promise to tone and lift the skin.
In Asia (where I bought mine) the products have a rose scent that is from Damascus rose in the product. I didn’t notice people mentioning the scent in the reviews I watched/read. This correlates with what I heard, that the products sold in Europe have a lesser (or none at all?) scent than the ones in Asia. Unfortunately until I can’t confirm this at the moment. I’m all for little to no fragrance though.

You can find more information about the science and concepts on the official website.

My Skincare
Prior to Astalift, my skin care was cleanser + moisturiser. I don’t use toners, and didn’t have an eye cream, no serums, nothing. My supplementary skincare products are an exfoliating scrub, a deep cleansing mask and a moistursing mask.

I have combination skin that’s sensitive to something. The mild and gentle La Roche-Posay products that I’m recommended using are meant to minimise exposure to the usual suspects of allergic reactions. I’m a bad ‘patient’ for trying Astalift or any other products that are more than no-frills really.

These are what I purchased:

Astalift Eye cream (15g), Astalift Jelly Aquarysta (60g), Astalift Essence (30ml)
Of these I’ve only tested the eye cream and the Jelly. I’ll report on the Essence* on a later date. The jelly comes with a metal spatula and a tray to hold them. A very thoughtful design. I’ve used cremes that give you a spatula but nowhere to hold it and it always bothered me that I can’t keep it perfectly clean between usage.
Note that the products I’m reviewing are not paraben-free.

My Experience
With these new products, I decided to incorporate them into my regime slowly, starting with the eye cream. I started using it in mid-July, and I added the jelly at the end of August. I’m planning to add the essence sometime in October.

So far, so good. No reactions from my sensitive skin from using either products.
They both absorb within seconds, and give an instant tightening, plumping sensation, especially the jelly. It is the first time I’ve experienced this kind of performance from any skincare product. It’s hard to explain without making it all sound too good to be true. The sceptic in me says that perhaps it’s just a temporary gratification you get, but even so it certainly changes from the usual apply your new skincare and hope for the best while waiting to see or feel some results.

The Jelly Aquarysta is the star product of the range. You use this immediately after cleansing, even before your serums. This is what it looks like in the jar:

As does a jelly, it wobbles if you shake the jar gently. And you have probably also heard that the jelly comes back together to form a smooth surface even after you’ve dug into it with the spatula.

I take around half of the size of the tip you see suspended, just before the big dip of the spatula. For me that’s enough for the whole face.

Honestly I’m hooked on this jelly. The biggest difference I saw since using this is that I no longer get that oily face when I wake up in the morning. I take that to mean that my skin is getting enough moisture and so it no longer felt the need to produce oil during the night to keep it moisturised.
I didn’t like the rose fragrance at first and found it a bit strong but I’m used to it now and it seems rather relaxing. Somewhat like being conditioned to associate the smell with bedtime haha, even if I do use this in the morning as well.

Now I’ve always been dubious when it comes to eye creams. I don’t believe they deliver their promises (especially dark circles), nor do I think we need a special cream for the eye area. Having said that I do feel that this one does minimise some of the fine lines I have around the lower outside corners. I squint and rub my eyes even though I know I shouldn’t, but sometimes it’s just hard not to when my contacts misbehave and irritate me. It’s not a miracle product but it does seem to reduce the way they look.

The cream is milky orange in colour and comes in 15g tubes. I’m a long way still from finishing it.

All in all I’m quite happy with Astalift. There are claims that I suspect are just marketing jargon (micro particles delivery to cells of the skin etc) that probably couldn’t be proven scientifically. FUJIFILM Beauty isn’t the first or only company who does that, the beauty and skincare sector is a tough market afterall. I’m not justifying this practice but I do think that if you can wade through all that (for any company or product) and understand that there are no miracles in a bottle, as a consumer it all comes down to whether you like a product or not and for me, Astalift is worth having a look.
I bought mine in Asia but found out it’s actually cheaper (unbelievably) in Europe. They don’t have stores here in France but you can purchase online. I didn’t see this on the European website so I dont know if this is available outside of Asia but they do have a trial set with 10 products but the set does not include the jelly. The jelly does come in a smaller 15g size though.

*It seems that the Essence corresponds to the Firming Serum.


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