Polish of the Moment – NARS Galion

NARS Storm Bird
photo taken from Sephora website

NARS has a new grey nail polish called Storm Bird as part of the Fall 2012 collection (which I will probably pick up). This time last year I got Galion. It was an LE but you can still buy it online on the Barney’s website, I saw it there just yesterday. [If you do don’t be alarmed by their photo – it looks completely wrong but the colour description is for Galion].

I didn’t like Galion at first, I was hoping for something like Storm Bird, ha! But I gave this another go finally and really appreciate it now. Galion is darker than Storm Bird. I know my picture below and the Sephora picture makes it look really similar but they are very different. Galion is a dark grey with navy.. or a drop of blue violet, I can’t decide. This is what Galion reminds me of:

Storm Bird is pretty much the colour of the lululemon grey scuba hoodie, if this helps anyone. Kristen McMenamy wears it on the print ad although you can barely see it next to her lips.

Again I’m not a polish collector so I can’t tell you what other shades of grey (oooh tempted to make a joke here) Galion is. I know Dior has one called Gris Montaigne, but that may be closer to Storm Bird? There are many greys out there so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a dupe.

NARS make good polishes though. I had a really old one called MASH ( (like the TV series I suppose?) which is an army, khaki olive green with gold shimmer. Very pretty. Aside from Storm Bird, I’m also looking forward to the black one from the Warhol collection. I know, I know… it’s just a plain black. But as much as I love dark shades I never owned a black varnish … just remembered I have Chanel’s Black Satin from yonks ago. Mine is the European version so it’s a flat black. I guess I don’t need the NARS.  Writing this post just saved me 18 euros!
Thought I’d mention my favourite polish of all time is Rouge Noir. It’s the best looking polish on my hands. I’d like to think my yellow-undertoned skin helps.
Edited to add this photo:
That’s Galion on the left and Storm Bird on the right. My photo above with the bottle of Galion and nails painted with it actually looks more like Storm Bird because of the wacky lighting. But here you can clearly see the difference between the two.
On a side note my man has managed to break my bottle of Galion a few days after I took this photo. It fell on the floor and while the body of the bottle was intact the top bit was snapped right off. So it was a hole in a glass bottle with no spout. Lets just say I’m glad we don’t have carpeted floor and that he didn’t hurt himself with the broken glass.
But he felt so sorry after learning that it was a LE that he asked me to find a polish I didn’t like and he poured what was left of Galion into the bottle after cleaning it with nail polish remover. In case you’re wondering, the bottle I choose to sacrifice was a yellow from Bourjois. Happy ending more or less 😉
picture of the perfect storm found on web

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