What’s in my Makeup Bag

I just spent 10 minutes looking at these ‘what’s in your bag’ posts … they are oddly addictive.
Here’s mine:

The makeup bag is from MUJI. I try to keep it light as I’ve realised how heavy makeup can be when they’re all lumped together. These are what I have in my bag today:

Some notes:
1. Small kabuki came with the Dior bronzer. I use this with #6. The brush no longer fits in the velour roll after washing. Too fluffy.
2. Chanel Purete Mat. With luck I’ll finish this by the end of the year
3. Chanel blush #69 Fleur de Lotus
5. KIKO glossy lips in Nude Rose
6. Caudalie Teint Divin (review to come)

7. inoui id concealor (I know, I know …. this is ancient but it’s still in good condition I swear! And it really is the best product I’ve come across)
8. Anatasia brow pencil in Brunette
9. Maquillage eye brightener
10. Laura Mercier kohl liner in Brown Copper (I love this pencil but it’s here mainly because it’s a stub)
11. Rubis tweezers
12. Makeup wipes. These are the smallest packs I found
13. Blotting paper from Fancl

Unnumbered: Kiehl’s lip balm and pointed cotton buds.

In general these are the stuff I always have with me. Some days I might not take the kabuki or bronzer. Right now I’m tempted to just put my Bobbi Brown pot rouge in there and take out the blush, brush and lipstick. And if I put the smashbox trio (filter) in, I only need 1 sponge applicator (I don’t like the idea of losing or wrecking my brush) and 1 small brow brush and I can do my eye makeup and brows. I’m always trying to find ways to pare this down to the minimum.

Anyway I don’t really do touch-ups, by that I mean reapplying colours. I carry the products with me more as a just-in-case thing really. Cleaning and tidying whatever I already have on my face is another matter though. I get really paranoid about eyeliners smearing. If I’m travelling, I’ll have a mascara in there as well, and most likely take a larger makeup bag.


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