Natalie Portman on ELLE France

In case anyone is interested, and I suppose a few of you might be, if all these posts on the Dior Nude polishes and lippies that’s appeared/appearing on seemingly every single beauty blog are of any indication.

This is issue #3482, 21-27 September. I actually thought ELLE’s a monthly… but anyway! I took pictures of my own copy. The makeup breakdowns are provided by ELLE, and of course Ms. Portman is head-to-toe Dior. The cover:
slightly bigger than printed size
Foundation: Diorskin Nude Teint Eclat Effet Peau Nue in Beige Clair
Powder: Diorskin Poudre Libre Clair Transparent (loose powder)
Blush: Diorblush Beige Rosé
Mascara: Diorshow New Look in black
Eyes: Palette 3 Couleurs in Smoky Brown
Lips: Rouge Dior Nude Grège
Nails (sorry I trimmed it off but there are plenty of swatches online): Dior Vernis Nude Charnelle
The interview:
actual size
Foundation: Diorskin Nude Compact in Beige Clair
Blush: Rosy Glow
Mascara: Diorshow New Look in black
Eyes: Palette 5 Couleurs in Designer Pink Design
Lips: Rouge Dior Nude Grège
Nails (you can’t see it properly in the photo anyway): Dior Vernis Nude Charnelle
Ok I need to know if Rosy Glow looks like that on the face. I’m a little baffled because when people write about dupes for this they mention NARS Gaiety, which happen to be launched around the same time. Yet I know it doesn’t look like a cold pink on me the back of my hand when applied with fingers. It was actually quite warm. If anyone can shed some light on this it’d be wonderful.
The shadows on both looks are very subtle. I can hardly see them even with the magazine in front of me, epecially the second look.
Just a reminder, and this is something emphasized a number of times in the interview (but not in all the blog posts), 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the Dior Nude Grège goes to Free the Children, an association founded by Craig Kielburger (when he was 12!!).
And just to be clear, MAC’s Viva Glam range gives 100% of their sale price to their AIDS Fund. But it doesn’t make Dior any less wonderful. Bear in mind their lipsticks are US$32, and probably around 30 euros. MAC is US$15, 18 euros (see how much more we are paying here?). I imagine the proceeds will be similar if not more, than the sale price of a MAC VG?
The number of the lipstick (#169) was chosen by Portman, which are family dates. I feel like a creepy stalker looking up her birthday but it is indeed June 9. Portman said (I’m paraphrasing from French to English roughly here) she wanted the lipstick to be very light. While she can go for a darker colour for the evenings, she doesn’t like the colour of her lipstick to be visible during the day. She doesn’t want to appear as if she’s wearing a mask, and that it should look like ‘you’, but a better version of you.
*phew* Hope this helps someone!

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