agnès b. Teint Osmose

A lot of you may be aware that agnès b. has a beauty range for many years now. I remember first seeing them in her boutiques many years ago but one day they disappeared. The makeup has always been available if elusive, if you’re interested the entire range can be found online on ccbparis. I don’t know what the equivalent of CCB would be in the U.S. … maybe QVC? It’s a mail order catalogue and they sell a mish-mash of beauty stuff from makeup to shampoo to slimming products.

agnès b.’s cult product is the apricot complexion enhancer, which I’ll review soon. I’m not too familiar with the brand actually, having only used a handful of their products (4 to be exact and at the moment I currently have a 50% success rate). It does look to be a brand that keeps up with trends, regularly updating their collection. I haven’t tried any but they have a nice range of eye shadows. The standouts for me (at least visually from the catalogue) are the duo-chromes (14 shades to choose from) and baked dome shadows (3 shades). Pictures from the ccb website:

[Bear in mind that shades may or may not be 100% accurate so do your research if you do order]
They also appear to be early adopters of innovative products, their BB cream for example came out in 2010. This might also have to do with the fact that they have a market in Japan. I don’t know exactly how long the apricot tint has been around but the oldest review on MUA was written in 2001. The Teint Osmose came out in 2010.

agnès b. Unifying Foundation “with color’osmosis pigments”, 34ml, 26.90 euros (now 50% off on the website – you will find that a lot of things are 50% off, including the shadows above).

This comes in 2 shades, Beige Light and Beige Medium. I went for the darker one.

It’s marketed as a ‘foundation that adapts to the colour of your skin, unifying complexion and masking imperfection. The technology is the color’osmosis pigments – microcapsuled pigments that are released upon application. Provides 24h hydration/moisturised skin’.

I don’t know what osmosis has to do with this, it bugs me a little actually. It bugs me as well that I purchased this for reasons I can no longer recall. I couldn’t really have believed in a one-shade (ok, two shades) fits all foundation did I?? Anyway.

The product comes out a white, silvery liquid and changes colour as you rub and blend it into your skin.


The end colour on my skin is decidedly pink based. It’s a self-tanning lotion gone wrong kind of look. Just to be fair, maybe Beige Medium isn’t the right shade for me. Maybe I should have gone for the lighter shade, which I imagined to be for really fair ladies. But then again, if it adapts to my skintone I shouldn’t really have this problem right?

a very tiny amount was used. it looks more like a shrimp colour  in real life
this is what the shade looks like rubbed off onto a tissue

This has more of a tinted moisturiser kind of texture and the finish is slightly dewy with decent coverage. I would advice using the tiniest bit of amount to start with. A little does go a long way. I believe it was scented but mine no longer smells of anything. I’ve had it for 1 year (and time to chuck it out – doing inventory helps you see!) and it’s always been neglected. I did give it a fair go, but each time I applied it I ran to wipe it off, it’s just so garish on me.

I don’t like that I can’t see the true shade of the product as I’m applying. Begs the question why I bought into this gimmick doesn’t it. Unfortunately this complexion-adapting ‘technology’ reminds me of the Dior rosy glow blush I was lemming …. but! they used it on Natalie Portman in the latest edition of French ELLE and it looks quite lovely on Ms. Portman (of course!).

This may be a good product for 

You know what? I suggest finding a good BB cream instead.


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