Beauty Counters Hit and Run

Woohoo another installment! (See first one here) Sephora is tempting me (again) with 20% off, good until Oct 8th. So of course I went and have a look-see … I’ve decided to use the coupon at the Sephora in Champs-Elysees, just because they have MAC there as well. I’m thinking of getting the face and body foundation.

My findings from said Sephora:

1. Shiseido Natural Finish Cream Concealor – caught my eye. It is very creamy, spreadable and blendable. It is almost like a foundation. I might have put a little too much on the back of my hand and when I blended it all out, I couldn’t see lines or pores. It is insane. Definitely covers well, but at the same time not sure of the ‘natural’ looking claim (will have to test again). I’m thinking of thinning it out with a moisturiser to get a lighter coverage, and to eventually phase out my foundations and use something like this instead on areas where I need it.

2. NARS shadows – I’ve always skimmed their shadows at the counters because they have so many it’s overwhelming. This time I really had a look and swatched a few. They didn’t have all the shades, and I skipped all the Night series, but nonetheless I ‘discovered’ the duos Alhambra, Portobello, Brumes, Brousse, Cordura, and Lhasa (single). Brumes and Brousse are great for a smokey eye, I prefer Brumes at the moment. They are not the same but somehow I don’t think you need both. If you have a lot of browns at home I’d suggest going for Brumes, which has a matte grey and a shimmery charcoal blue. Lhasa risks looking bruisey on me, Portobello is a good matte neutral, good for shading and contouring the eyes, for a no makeup makeup look. Alhambra is like a more reflective, satiny All about Eve (which I have). I wish I have Alhambra instead (but I found out I have one of the shades in the Modern Love palette!). Cordura is very pretty but I’m not sure about the sparkles on the darker shade … fear of fallout mainly.

3. NARS Storm bird polish – A lighter grey than last year’s Galion. I have clothes the exact same colour. I love greys and I really like this.

4. Smashbox Photo Op Trio in Screenshot – I’ve been lemming this. Found out the dark brown shade (Roast) looks a lot like the dark brown in Cordura with the same gold shimmer. Lovely texture and pigmented. I like the Smashbox trios but somehow they don’t get much love?

Yes these are all permanent items. Not feeling the Fall collections at all and my wallet is thanking me.


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