picture taken from the mi-ny website

Apart from KIKO I also discovered the mi-ny shops in Italy. They are a brand dedicated to nail polishes and all other related products. It’s a little overwhelming seeing every shade of nail polish you can think of, all displayed at once in a shop. They also have a bunch of top coats, effect ones include a mood top coat (like a mood ring for your nails), the cracked, croc, magnetic finishes, nail art kits, a whole lot of nail care stuff, removers, accessories, bowls etc. They have their version of the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover (the pink bottle where you put your finger in and pull it out – I like using this a lot) but with 5 different scents like Apple, Papaya etc. Their bottles are smaller though. Anyway, I picked 4 polishes up (buy 3 get 1 free):

L-R: Road Grey, Black Violet, I Love L.A. & Van Gogh. 11ml 3.90 euros

(Sorry I had to swatch on sticky tape because I just painted my nails in another colour)
One coat only, L-R: Van Gogh, Road Grey, Black Violet, I Love L.A. & Road Grey with I Love L.A. on top.
Ok I’m not a nail person so this is not my area of expertise at all. I only do my nails on rare occasions, so I can’t give detailed comments about the brushes, finishes or comparisons with other brands. 
What I did notice was the ease of application differs, and Van Gogh streaked a lot when I was applying the first coat. I had a couple of nails where the colour was really patchy. The second coat went on a lot better, it covered up those areas pretty well and also gives the opacity I wanted. I will try this polish again because I really like this colour.
Road Grey applies better, but it’s not the best grey for my colouring. A little too cool. It has a very fine silver pearl shimmer mixed it, but you can’t really see it on the nails. I liked this with the glitter coat on top.
Black Violet applies the best. It is a deep concord grape colour, muscat. A blue based violet, very pretty.
A closer look at Road Grey and I Love L.A.:

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