Keeping Track of the Stash

Sephora in France is offering 20% off at the moment (MTAB1 or MTAB1E for those interested, until September 24th). This pretty much means we don’t pay the sales tax, and for most product it is the equivalent of paying full retail in the US. Nevertheless I found myself adding things to the basket like there’s no tomorrow. I then looked at the total and remembered my recent purchases, and realised I could’ve bought that handbag I’ve been lusting for a while if I haven’t been so impulsive in the makeup area.

So, with a pang of guilt, I finally got the push I needed to finally do my makeup inventory. I fired up my spreadsheet and started categorizing and counting my stash.
This is just a dummy I made as an example (I probably won’t repurchase the Vitalumiere).
The ‘Good For’ column is where I put the suggested expiry printed on the box or the product itself. The ‘End’ date is based on this information and I leave it blank when I couldn’t find any. Now I’ve been wanting to do this mainly to keep track of expiration dates. I purge using the smell/texture test, the expiry as a guideline. The products you need to keep an eye on are mascaras and cream and liquid products. I’m very lenient when it comes to powder, but that’s just me.
With the spreadsheets done, I can see right away what kind of things I have most (lipsticks and blushes) so I’ll (try to) limit my purchases in those area in the future.
Anyway, the good news is my stash isn’t out of hand. The bad news is, well I guess I need to be a lot more picky when it comes to makeup purchases. I have a couple of orders coming in and with that I think I will stop buying eyeshadows – I don’t really use them.
Now that I got the keeping track part done, the organising will be easier. I plan to do a Project X Pan soon based on this, hopefully I can trim down the stash even more.

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