KIKO lipsticks

I have them in two different formulas: Luscious Cream Lipstick (in #507) and Crystal Sheer Lipstick (#407).

top: Crystal Sheer,  bottom: Luscious Cream

I find these two formulas very comfortable to wear. Colour payoff is excellent especially with the Luscious cream, very opaque even with just one stroke. The packaging is quite chic, it doens’t look like a lipstick you got for 6.90 euros. They are certainly better looking than MAC’s (18 euros in France). Like MAC their lipsticks smell faintly of vanilla.

colour is more peachy in real life

#507, ‘Peach Rose’, is a nude pink with apricot undertone. I simply wanted to try a colour that I don’t have … but this is not the one that works with my complexion. It brings out the yellow undertones in my skin and my lips look like cut-outs, slapped on from scrapbooking… This one is a little too pale and not warm enough. My lips are quite pigmented as well so the lipstick doesn’t show up on me as it does on the tube. I can get away with it if I apply it with my fingertips, dabbing lightly to tone it down. But full-on strength is impossible. I’ll probably get more looks wearing this than wearing a full red lip, and not for the same reasons. I do like how creamy the lipstick is however and I will see if I can find a shade that’s better for me.

colour is more red in real life

#407 is called ‘Coral Pink’ on the website. It applies as a sheer rose pink on my lips, very easy to wear. I believe this range of lipsticks all have glitter in them, which are visible on the lips. I didn’t feel so much of it when it’s on, and the shimmer while visible doesn’t make a disco ball out of your lips. They are actually rather sophisticated and quite subtle.
The lipstick looks smaller but has the same amount of product as the Luscious Cream. It just has a different shape.

Sheer 407 on top, creamy 507 bottom.


For 507, the colour is truer towards the right where it’s the brightest. For some reason I couldn’t capture the shimmer in 407, but it’s there.

Here is a comparison of these two and the KIKO creamy lipgloss (from the Lavish Oriental collection):

507, 407, 06 Nude Rose, 04 Sheer Maroon

407 is just a little brighter than Nude Rose. Colour opacity is similar.

KIKO also have a selection of matte lipsticks and another with metallic finishes.
Brands like KIKO are doing a great job, they are creative and are really reducing the gap between budget and mid-range makeup. Great quality with affordable prices. Other brands I can think of that are also making great products are Madina (also Italy) and Catrice (German). Unfortunately we don’t have easy access to those here … hopefully they will consider expanding their distribution in Europe!


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