Still a good one: Bobbi Brown Brightening Powder foundation

Having wrote about the Sofina Primavista powder foundation, I just wanted to share my other go-to powder foundation with you. This is like a companion post.

I’m really a powder foundation kind of girl. I know liquid gives a more beautiful finish but powder is just so convenient, there’s no mess and I can take it around with me without hassle.
I’ve tried many over the years, some of course were better than others. All of the ones I tried (except the one featured in this post) are Japanese brands and often they market them as dry/wet use, what used to be known as “two-way cake”. Using it wet means you can enjoy the finish of a liquid foundation with your powder, so it’s two products for the price of one.

Nowadays powder foundation are capable of delivering the same results as their liquid counterparts even when used dry. I guess that’s why ladies behind the makeup counter don’t even mention the wet application anymore, and we rarely hear them referred to by that moniker.

A lot of luxury brands/European houses make powder foundation. But for some reason I usually turn to them for liquid foundation although I hear Dior makes some really good ones. In fact they just released the Nude powder compact foundation (together with the Nude liquid and a series of Nude lipsticks). I swatched this on the back of my hand today and they are very finely milled, very … ‘nude’ and yes, does remind me of Lunasol, which is the standout brand for me in terms of quality among all the ones I’ve tried.

The Bobbi Brown Brightening Powder Compact Foundation (SPF25 PA+++) is I believe, an Asia exclusive. It is part of their brightening range of skincare and makeup. I bought this two years ago during my travel.Again you have to buy the case separately (around 10 euros) and the powder as a refill (around 40 euros). You get 13g of product. This foundation is supposed to help control the appearance of dark pigments on the skin. I highly doubt you will see tremendous results in terms of brightening using this alone, but it does have decent sun protection. This is not to be confused with the Illuminating Finish Powder Compact Foundation SPF12.

There are 10 shades available, I have this in ‘Natural’ (#4).
The powder texture is nowhere near as fine as Sofina’s or any other powder compacts I have at home, in fact. But don’t let that put you off because it does go on nicely, and doesn’t look cakey. It is again, a long-lasting foundation with oil-controlling properties. I guess I just tend to do my foundation shopping in the summer …
This was my go-to powder foundation and I’ve always been happy with it.

You can use this foundation wet – the holes in the slot of the case where you will place your sponge is meant for airing it dry. Sofina’s case doesn’t have these holes and nowhere do they say you can use it wet so I’ll just stick with the traditional method with that. Anyway a wet application will give you more coverage and also adheres better to the skin, you won’t have that powdery look as you would sometimes when applying dry and the results could also look more natural. People with slightly drier skin can try this method as well. You simply wet your sponge, get rid of the excess and gently roll the sponge in one designated area of the foundation and apply.

Here are some photos:
Notice it’s made in Japan
Not the original sponge
Comparison with Sofina:
BB left, Sofina right. This is pretty close to how the actual shades look.
under natural light
I put the Sofina together because the two shades are pretty close. I actually had to swatch on paper to see the difference, and Sofina is a hair darker but appears ‘brighter’ on the face. So if you wear ‘Natural’ in Bobbi Brown perhaps you can give the Ochre 07 a go.The Sofina is more powdery. It’s easier to pick up a good amount of product with one swipe of the sponge. Same sponge swiped on the Bobbi Brown picked up significantly less product. I don’t know what this means but I have not encountered any application problems with either foundation.

I’m liking the Sofina powder a lot at the moment and it being a little darker than the Bobbi Brown I will use it until my tan fades, which is happening too quickly. The BB is worth a try if you like the versatility of a wet/dry powder foundation. If you don’t have access to this brightening one, their Illuminating Finish Powder Compact Foundation SPF12 can also be used wet. I haven’t seen it in person but from what I read that one has illuminating particles, perhaps like Sofina’s? It sounds like a mix of the two foundations, at least on paper.


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