Fixing Shattered Blush

My LM Crushed Hazelnut. I long believed it to be lost but amazingly found it at the old apartment. It may be falling apart but it was barely used. 4.5g of product in case anyone is curious.

Since I felt like doing a little DIY, I did a quick search and found tons of tutorials on how to repair shattered powders. They all pretty much go like this:
1. Break the entire thing into a fine powder
2. Add alcohol, mix it through
3. Pack it in nicely, smooth it out
4. Let dry

So I did it. I used:

– 75% surgical alcohol
– a palette knife for breaking up the powder, and packing and smoothening it after
– a toothpick for mixing powder + alcohol (and cleaning edges)
– old t-shirt

– for the shape of my pan, a perfume sample with a straight edge to press and flatten the powder

Here’s my process, documented:

Some advice, based on my experience:
– Don’t do it. It’s not worth the trouble. Really. Use it loose instead. I wish I had.

I explain why at the bottom of the post. But for those who are curious to try anyway:
– Protect your work area! It can get messy when you start the mixing.
– The whole thing will take you at least 20 minutes. Drying takes a lot longer.
– I didn’t wet the entire pan of powder with alcohol. Rather I wet a little, mix in some dry powder, smooth and spread that out, flatten it really well and sprinkle more powder with a drop of alcohol. Rinse and repeat.
– If your product is new or barely used, make sure to flatten your powder really well with every layer you do. Otherwise they won’t fit back into the pan.
– You can’t speed it up using a hair dryer or microwave.
– Be very careful of how much alcohol you use. The stain above came from when I needed more ‘moisture’ to do the hatchmarks. So stupid.
– Don’t do the hatchmarks. It may seem like a good idea but you lose more product doing this.

On the drying process:
Late evening, day 1: task completed, blush was left out to dry.
Following morning (+15 hours since completion): Took the pinkish picture on the last row. Tried other means of drying but did not work.
(+40 hours since completion): Same as previous day. Prominent pink stain.

By then I realised the stain isn’t going away and it’s not really a matter of not drying thoroughly enough. So I took a brush and started taking the top layer off. So much for those stupid hatchmarks. I wouldn’t have to deal with this mess if not for them!
Luckily it seems that only the top layer got that pink stain. I swatched the stain on the back of my hand and yup, it was coral pink. Not what the blush is supposed to look like.

How it looks now in different lighting (taken at the same time as the picture used in the panels):

I guess it resembles the original enough… but when swatched on a piece of tissue the colour is too peachy. If you look closely in the above picture, on the top edge of the pan and also on the right edge, you can see traces of the pink from before. I don’t want to keep dusting away the layers to find the true shade … who knows if it’s there anyway. Plus I estimate I’ve already lost just over 1g of product (if not more) doing this little project.

Knowing that it is possible for the shade to change depending on the amount, or even the quality/strength of alcohol you use, I can’t help but feel that this isn’t the best way to repair a powder. Maybe a certain blush formula/brand works better while others don’t react as well. There are too many variables.

So, if you’re still reading this and still contemplating if you should do it, my friendly advice is don’t do it. You just can’t guarantee the result. Especially for more expensive/LE/ items. Again, why not crush it up and use it loose?

… And now you’ve given me, given me, nothing but shattered dreams, shattered dreams …


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