Clarins Eclat Minute Embellisseur Teint

I’m looking for highlighter that isn’t glittery, shimmer but not obvious. Something I could wear during the day without looking like I’ve prepared for a night out later. Ideally in a blendable stick form, but a good liquid one is ok too. The Multiples from NARS are way too shimmery for my needs, I also checked Benefit’s Watt’s Up (and their Beam range as well) and although it’s more restrained I still prefer something more subtle. Becca is way marked up and not readily available. As I was walking around Sephora, I found Clarins.

From the back of the box:

A radiance-boosting complexion perfector that smoothes, evens and helps to protect skin from dehydration. The lightweight, glide-on texture instantly melts into the skin for a long-wearing natural finish. Illuminates the skin and promotes a fresh, radiant and healthy-looking complexion.

Anti-pollution protection, non-comedogenic.

This is part of the Clarins Instant Light range, among which you will find the Brush-on Perfector, Eye Perfecting Base and Natural Lip Perfector. Apart from the brush-on perfector, they all contain a ‘”3D Radiance” pigment, which optically ‘splits’ light into 3 dimensions to enhance facial beauty.’
I don’t know what that means. But moving on.
The Instant Light Complexion Perfector comes in 3 shades: rose, champagne and bronze. There isn’t a straight up pearl one, which I would have preferred. Since I have warm, yellow undertones I got this in 02 champagne shimmer. Tube with pump nozzle, 30ml, 26 euros.
The texture is very thin and light, has quite a bit of slip so a little goes a long way. I use maybe 1/2 to 3/4 of a pump for cheekbones, brows and nose. It’s easy to blend and doesn’t feel sticky on the skin.


You can see very fine pearly shimmers in the product, but almost no discernible shimmer once blended. In fact some will say you can’t see anything at all.

When I tried this at Sephora, I applied a tiny amount on the back of my hand. Didn’t see anything and dismissed it. As I was about to swatch something else on the hand, I noticed this beautiful glow where the light hit. So I went back and grabbed it.
The effect is just extremely subtle. Now I’ve only worn this alone on moisturised skin. Perhaps you will get a better result with a foundation. I will try doing that and update accordingly.Just using it as a highlighter on the prominent areas of the face, I would say this highlighter is excellent for
– a romantic dinner: softly lit restaurant, maybe some candles. You will look young and fresh
– photo shoots
– people who work under or around spot lights, maybe a gallery, jewelry shop, that kind of thing.
This highlighter works best on me when there is a direct, concentrated source of light that hits the places where I applied. You won’t notice it when you’re outdoors because there’s too much light everywhere and all around you. It seems to need shadows to work, if that makes any sense. So if you’re at the park, find an excuse to sit under a tree.
When the light hits correctly, this makes you look so beautiful. But there are things I can’t ignore:
– when my face starts to get oily (as it does), my ‘natural sheen’ looks pretty similar to this paid for one under normal lighting
– the floral scent. It fades but not quickly enough. It’s like a really strong shampoo-ish type of scent
Clarins’ suggestion on how to use this that I found on Sephora website but not on the leaflet:
to even out and illuminate your complexion, use it alone like a foundation;
to look more fresh or awake, use it under your foundation, or mix it in;
to enhance your makeup, use it over the foundation on cheekbones and browbones.
For now I like this enough to hold onto it. I can see it lasting a long time with such scant quantity I use for my needs, so the price point isn’t so bad. It would have been perfect if Clarins turned the power up a little, more light but still keeping the shimmer low and unnoticeable. Also take the scent away.
By the way, Lancome has a similar product called the Eclat Miracle. One shade only (a silver pearl), 20ml, 31.50 euros.Ingredients of Eclat Minute, I’ll let you decide:


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