Beauty Counters Hit and Run

Or as I prefer to call it, research.

It’s when you get this itch to buy a certain product, having read so much about it that you’ve convinced yourself that you need it, but thankfully not so completely lost in that abyss that you buy it sight-unseen straight away on the internet.

I try not to buy anything when I do this. This is about killing lemmings after all, and I prefer to have a separate day when I do the shopping all at once. I make an effort not to waste the time of the ladies who work there, so I try to do my research when it’s busier and at bigger shops so that hopefully I could carry out my work relatively unnoticed, as quickly and as unobtrusively as possible.

Anyway, I had some time yesterday and hit the busiest place I could think of, the Galeries Lafayette. Here are my findings:

1. The Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate is … really good. While the guy manning the counter was busy helping two perfume shoppers, I swatched this in the less intense shade. The highlight colour seemed a little sticky and could potentially accentuate pores but it’s a straight-up pearl colour that looks beautiful. The contour side is magic, so easy to blend, very natural and not sticky at all. I now understand the raves … and failed to kill the lemming. I’ll go and uncross it on the list ….

2. Lancôme Éclat Miracle – continuing my search for a good highligher, I tried this at the counter. It’s also a straight up pearl liquid and was so pretty even as I was blending it in that I thought it had good potential to be the one. But once all blended in, everything disappeared. I could hardly discern a trace. I should say that I’m looking for a highlighter that’s not shimmery, but gives a discreet but still visible pearly candlelit glow. According to Lancome, the Éclat Miracle is meant to be worn under foundation, like a illuminating primer. I find that the end result is too similar to the Clarins Eclat Minute that I recently purchased (review coming), it’s also more expensive, so easily gave this a pass. Maybe I should look at Becca’s?

3. Lancôme Ombre Hypnôse – not the first time I swatched these babies. They are sooo buttery soft and extremely pigmented. I need more time to really explore the shades they have. I want something not too shimmery, a shade that I can get a lot of use out of but at the same time complex enough to justify paying 26.10 euros for a single eyeshadow…. yup the price is the one thing that’s holding me back.

4. Burberry eyeshadows – Again I now understand why everyone raves about them. Impeccable texture, easy to blend, elegant and classy shades. I didn’t even want to know how much these cost here, although I did note what shades I might like …
[ETA: I just found out they are 25 euros … cheaper than Lancome!]

5. Dior Rosy Glow – I wanted to see for myself this somewhat gimmicky product and be convinced that it’s not good for me at all. All I can say for now is that it does change colour once you start blending it in. Unfortunately the rosy glow is a test to be done by 2 people… I have this suspicion that it changes to the same shade of rose on everyone but cannot confirm. I may have a theory to explain for its longevity though – I suspect this is a stain in disguise. A shadow of the colour remains even after I’ve tissued off the blush with product. Controversial, I know! In spite of all this I have a feeling I may still pick this up ……..

6. Diorskin Nude powder compact – this is their new powder foundation. It’s extremely sheer and won’t give much coverage. My opinion so far: good for lucky ladies with beautiful skin just to even out the complexion.

7. NARS blushes – My blush stash aside, I decided if I were to get another blush from NARS it will be matte. So I went to see Dolce Vita.  It looked like a rash on me. I know I can make it work with a stippling brush, but why? Then I saw Amour. I may need another visit to NARS.

8. NARS Bali eyeshadow – how come I never noticed this before?

9. Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronze Universel – I’ve pretty much killed the lemming but this gave the final blow. This has orange in it.


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