Sofina Primavista – Multi Cover Base UV

This is the third and final part to the Sofina Primavista range. I have already covered the liquid foundation and the powder foundation.

As of writing there are three foundation primers in the Primavista range. The ‘Long Keep Base’ which is about oil and shine control that extends the wear of your foundation; the ‘Moisture Coat’ that combats dryness and makes foundation go on and adhere better to the skin; and the third ‘Multi Cover Base’ which is what I’ll review.

The ‘Multi Cover Base’ is an unscented, tinted foundation primer. It comes in a tube with 25g of product and has SPF 20 PA++. It costs the same as the foundation, just under 30 euros.

It is a primer that smoothes out pores, brightens and evens out skin tone. I actually wanted to get the ‘Long Keep’ primer, I kept hearing about how good it is. But the lady at Sofina steered me towards this one because the foundation are long-lasting formulas to begin with (they promise 10 hours of wear), so the ‘Multi Cover’ offers something different and is also more versatile as it can be used alone on days when you don’t feel like wearing foundation but still want some sort of coverage.

fresh out of the tube

I tried smoothing primers when they first came out but never quite liked the texture. This one from Sofina applies like a tinted moisturiser. It looks rather thick out of the tube but has a thin, spreadable texture. You barely feel it on the skin once it’s on.

In my experience it does brighten and even out the complexion. It also helps in making pores look less obvious but it won’t erase enlarged pores. Ladies with trouble-free skin will love this and can wear it alone without foundation. I can’t do that unfortunately but then again if I’m putting on a primer I will always follow with a foundation.

A picture speaks a thousand words. These aren’t pretty pictures but I’m posting them anyway to show you the before and after. The area on my face immediately next to my nose is my problem area, where I have enlarged pores, some scarring and general bad skin. Don’t pick or squeeze spots like I did (do) …. and wear sunscreen!

Bare skin (moisturised):

With primer only:

With primer and Sofina liquid foundation :

These pictures are not retouched. The only thing I did with them is cropping and resizing for upload. Just goes to show how much makeup can do!

The primer seems to work best on liquid foundation. While taking the photos I also tried applying the Sofina powder foundation over the primer but it looked a little cakey and obvious that you have a layer of foundation on. Personally I find that it’s much better used alone.
I also tried the liquid on its own (for the 4th time) but it really perform best with the primer.

Summing it up
The ‘Multi Cover Base’ is a good primer with sun protection and doesn’t irritate my skin. You should get this if :
– you have normal/combination skin
– you have or are looking to buy the Sofina Primavista liquid foundation [read my thoughts here]

I’ve only had experience with the ‘Multi Cover Base’, but ladies with oilier skin may prefer the ‘Long Keep Base’, especially in summer. Drier-skinned ladies or those looking for something to switch to for the cooler months can try the ‘Moisture Coat’. I’m happy with the ‘Multi Cover Base’ and am glad I picked this up. If I have to complain, it’s rather pricey for the amount you get.

This post concludes the my opinion of the 3 products I got from the Sofina Primavista range. I think it is a nice mid-priced line that has something for everybody and certainly worthy of a look if you have access to it. The best thing is of course to head to a counter but you shouldn’t have any problem finding their products for sale on the web. They are all less than 30 euros, the liquid foundation is the most expensive (HK$300) the others are HK$280, if I remember correctly.

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